Jan. 27th, 2011

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That's an interesting question with a million answers.
I think of a true friend, and I can only describe it with the thought of my best/closest friend in the whole world.. she's caring and supportive and even though we didn't have much in common at first, she was willing to try out things I liked doing, and vice versa. She's always there to lend a hand or a shoulder when needed, and she looks out for me. We stick up for each other, and during school we always kept each other accountable, and she was the first person I wanted to go to to talk about anything.

And then I realize that this description, or the overwhelming majority of it, fits several other of my close friends, and I include a good number of my online/long-distance friends in this as well. I know so many people who would say that they couldn't count as true friends, but I know they're wrong. Those friends most certainly count, and they are compassionate, fun-loving, encouraging, and go above and beyond what I would normally just term 'online' or 'fandom friends'. The fandoms connect us, certainly, but then we find we have much more in common and it's a wonderful thing. I've had the wonderful fortune to meet several in person, and we're incredibly good friends both online and off, regardless of age differences and despite what some people may think, because it's definitely not weird.

Ending any friendship is hard, and I'm glad to say I've never had to end any on my part, but I think true friends are ones you'll always have, because even though probably 99% of people on my f-list may disagree with my opinions on religion and politics and any other huge issue, we either agree to disagree, or at times I've stated my views and we've had interesting and even enjoyable debates and conversations. We don't let it get in between us, or at least not long enough to do damage. I think those big-button issues would be the most likely reason behind ending a friendship though.


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