Sep. 30th, 2011

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Went to the doctor yesterday, found out exactly what was going on causing all the bad random pain, and am now taking great care to fix it. Which means no solid foods for like a week or whatever, but I'd rather live on liquids than have that pain forever.

Now I'm sitting outside in the lovely shade in the lovely weather and just relaxing and a bit of studying and playing my ipod with the speaker (since I'm outside and also have no headphones).. been playing a nice mix of music, currently working through the best of Rent stuff. And singing along, naturally. I wish I had a chance to warm up and sing loudly properly, or have someone with me to do a duet, but the tranquility is so relaxing either way. I haven't had a chance to just sit and be calm in so long, thanks to work and class and hectic, and it's such a blessing to have a nice weather day after all that rain and storm lately.

Plus the opera yesterday was SO fun, I was wiped out and fell asleep the second I got home last night, but a friend and I dressed up all fancy in black ballroom-type dresses and went down the spiral staircases.. so fun! And with Aida, I already know the general storyline, so it's a lot easier to follow than say, Madame Butterfly (which was just as pretty, but I swear Pucchini has it out for sopranos and arias (but I digress).

Gonna finish listening to What You Own and then head to class. <3

(Plus maybe someone will recognise what I'm listening to which would be completely awesome).


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