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I don't think anyone else cheered louder than me when Wilson punched House right in the face and then was all "So, dinner later?"

and "Screw it, I want a steak." <33333333
Also the bit earlier on about "But the thing is, House, I don't like you." Oh man. Sharp, but Wilson needed to say it. All the interactions and scenes and moments were perfect. I even really really like the new girl (I'm bad with names, give me some time) which isn't what I was prepared for, at first she seemed really obnoxious or annoying or something, but she's great! She punched her attending for sexual harassment which I never would have expected.. and I'm hoping that her characterization continues to be properly developed. She's smart, has guts, and isn't afraid to say 'no' to House. We need all of this.

Foreman isn't annoying me anymore! He's got real power over House but he's not flaunting it, and it's like his character has changed so much. I don't miss Thirteen/Taub/Chase as much as I thought, and the fact that Thirteen's in the promo for next week made me roll my eyes, but at least she's the most interesting IMO of the past three ducklings as far as storyline and personal backstory goes.

Great episode and easily one of the best in the last 2-3 years. Welcome back, show. I've missed you terribly.

I also watched Law & Order: UK, wondered where on earth Jamie Bamber's character's gotten to, and -- hiii Peter Davison, I see you in that one 30-second scene there and that other two minute scene where you're all annoyed at people.

Edit: Well, this would be why he's not in L&O: UK, and also because I watched his character's final episode ages ago and forgot. -_-

Luther didn't record the last two episodes on my TV so Friday will be a Luther-fest. Wednesday and Thursday will be 11 and 9 hours of school and work, respectively.


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