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I didn't make it to my ridiculous goal of 500 new episodes of television in 2011, but I darn near got close with an official count of 410. (It would probably be more like 425 due to numerous Colbert Report episodes I never counted but hey.)

This list includes:

Entire Shows - watched in their entirety this year
Kings (10 hours)
Misfits (16 hours)
IT Crowd (10 hours)
Luther (10 hours)
Torchwood: Miracle Day (approx 10 hours)
The Cape (approx 7 hours)
Sherlock season 2 (4.5 hours)

Completed Shows - started prior to the start of this project
Battlestar Galactica seasons 2-4 (approx 60 hours)
Secret Diary of a Call Girl seasons 2-4 (approx 9 hours)

Doctor Who
Season 6 - approx 10 hours (rounded up)

Serials: - total watched: 11 hours
3rd Doctor - Doctor Who and the Silurians (4/7)
4th Doctor - Talons of Weing-Chiang (6/6)
4th Doctor - Planet of Evil (4/4)
5th Doctor - Caves of Androzani (4/4)
6th Doctor - Twin Dilemma (4/4)

Most Watched
* = the total episode number for the show itself

Battlestar Galactica: 64
Doctor Who: 39 (including Classic and Confidential eps)
The Colbert Report: 30
*Secret Diary of a Call Girl: 24
*Misfits: 22
QI: 22
*IT Crowd: 21
House: 21
Glee: 19
*Kings: 13
Castle: 13
*Torchwood: 9
Law & Order: UK: 4

Jan: 32 episodes
Feb: 54 (I was babysitting a LOT that month)
March: 46
April: 26
After that I lost track completely, oops.

Anything else I should be doing stats for?
Total hours of television watched, I'm kinda intimidated by the idea of summing that up..

Date: 2012-01-17 08:08 pm (UTC)
maratini: (DW | Jamieface)
From: [personal profile] maratini
I'm kind of curious how you kept track of this. I get a lot of TV viewing in while I knit & I bet I'd have an intimidating total by the end of 2012, but I haven't the foggiest how to keep track of and organize that amount of data. o.0


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