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I'm running for Mayor for District 9 (over at The Hunger Games pages on Facebook) so if you'd like to take a minute to click here, I'd so appreciate it. The trailer is out today and IT LOOKS AMAZING! :DDD

College: My math teacher today singled me out as the only person in the class to get a particular question on the exam right that he'd pointed out during review time. He accidentally left part of a different question out so everyone got points back for that question, and if anyone was able to still solve it, he gave them bonus points. He also said that nobody got a 90 or higher on their original grade - but when my points were added b/c of that question, I got a 94. :D
I also have a B+ on my last Biology exam thanks to extra credit, which is my highest/next-highest exam grade so far. Freaking hard class. >_<

Television: I'll be finishing up Battlestar Galactica next week with a friend, so I'm super excited about that. Finally catching up on last week's shows tomorrow morning since I don't work until 4pm. House, Glee, Ringer, Colbert Report...

Projects: NEW! Completed this cross-stitch (pardon the trippy light, but that's the only picture I've taken of it so far) that's been framed for now (to keep it safe) and just needs a little ironing out before I permanently mount/frame it. The second one is more ornate and is coming along surprisingly quickly. Started drawing some more designs and am thinking about making various things for sale after this one's finished.

Right now I'm in the middle of a long-awaited organizing my room - [ profile] jpgr just sent me nearly 45 Doctor Who magazines, for which I'm much obliged - and now I'm figuring out where everything should go, hah. :)
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Went to the doctor yesterday, found out exactly what was going on causing all the bad random pain, and am now taking great care to fix it. Which means no solid foods for like a week or whatever, but I'd rather live on liquids than have that pain forever.

Now I'm sitting outside in the lovely shade in the lovely weather and just relaxing and a bit of studying and playing my ipod with the speaker (since I'm outside and also have no headphones).. been playing a nice mix of music, currently working through the best of Rent stuff. And singing along, naturally. I wish I had a chance to warm up and sing loudly properly, or have someone with me to do a duet, but the tranquility is so relaxing either way. I haven't had a chance to just sit and be calm in so long, thanks to work and class and hectic, and it's such a blessing to have a nice weather day after all that rain and storm lately.

Plus the opera yesterday was SO fun, I was wiped out and fell asleep the second I got home last night, but a friend and I dressed up all fancy in black ballroom-type dresses and went down the spiral staircases.. so fun! And with Aida, I already know the general storyline, so it's a lot easier to follow than say, Madame Butterfly (which was just as pretty, but I swear Pucchini has it out for sopranos and arias (but I digress).

Gonna finish listening to What You Own and then head to class. <3

(Plus maybe someone will recognise what I'm listening to which would be completely awesome).
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...considering I missed the first two classes, I picked up relatively fast on the movements (it's like choreographed stage fighting at this level, which I'm pretty good at) and I'm really enjoying it.

BTW, Karate is replacing Freshman English cause I PASSED THE EXAM! :DDD

And I'm still fighting what the doctor classified as an upper respiratory infection - like a bad head cold where your head feels like brinks, throat burns, and you use a box of tissues a day.. I've had this since.. a day or two after the hurricane... missed work Tuesday and wound up with a fever, got that managed today and went to classes (was at school 8am-7pm, easily my longest day) but felt really bleh, and I'm working tomorrow. 9am-7pm. Pray it does not go longer than that or I may die. Still have to have some homework done for Friday's history quiz and I don't feel up to it and I don't wanna rush. :/

For anyone wondering about hurricane Irene: I'd *just* finished watching Doctor Who when the power went out - and stayed out for about 4 1/2 days. Those were interesting times. But at least I could distract myself by WTF-ing over the latest episode!

The other thing distracting me lately is which looks like the beginnings of an epic ARG for The Hunger Games movie, due in 2012. AAAH HOLY CRAP THE SYMBOL.
Two days ago it was nothing but fuzzy, pixely distortion, then it was a little clearer yesterday, and now it's perfect. There was some Morse code bleeping in the background but it seems to have gone, and the 'Acquiring Signal' in bottom left is usually where the Twitter login is. I'll check it tomorrow and see what's up. ARGs are SUPER SUPER FUN when done right, and I participated in the Dollhouse ARG like.. forever years ago between seasons 1 and 2, via Twitter and game-centric sites and it was an absolute blast. 'Hacking' into Rossum, trying to help this agent out.. I still hear from my fellow CTPs every so often and I look forward to one where I can be even more involved.

Ew, must medicate and sleep. Thankfully my temperature's not creeping up again.

In exactly a week from right now, I'll be at the bus stop for NYC, and leaving in a week plus two hours. <33

Random: I painted my toenails this nice shiny purple b/c it seemed like the best course of action.
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So when I woke up I was pretty sure it was Monday. :/

Also I found out if I pass English then I gotta take minimum of two more credit hours to keep my financial aid the way it is (and I like the way it is). Unfortunately, all the stuff I reaaally wanted to take (American Sign Language, ballroom dancing) was either full or during a time that I already had class. So I'm gonna take a Martial Arts class instead and just play around with my schedule to fit it. Which is less interesting than ballroom dancing but more interesting than another English class or learning how to wield metal or something.

I honestly don't even know what day it is anymore, just that I have to go to to work today, again. Uuuugh.

I do have this one worry already about college though. Basically, I don't believe in evolution, the big bang, whatever... and I've never had to take a class advocating it or teaching it as fact before. My history class might not be too terribly bad once we get past that part, although the teacher seems fairly strict when it comes to policies and such (no water bottle? seriously? D: ), but I know Biology will cover it a lot - my teacher for biology is super nice and even gave us all opportunity to write down and give her our thoughts on what might worry us about the class or what we have problems with, basically. So hopefully I can work through that as I get to it.

Also I got up through episode 9 of s3 BSG. aaah it's so fantabulous and so many moments making me all happy and warm inside. I'll do my homework and study every day (once I get my assignments) and then reward myself with an episode when I'm done. <33333

Anywho, work soon. I miss talking to all my WL family and friends on LJ. Unfortunately, no matter how slow my job is on any day, we don't have any internet. :(


Aug. 19th, 2011 06:48 am
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Went to bed at midnight but woke up at 5AM... when my alarm's set for 7. :|

My bookbag is like fifty pounds of dead weight with all my textbooks so I'm doing the unthinkable and ditching my messenger bag companion for the drawstring college bag, and just dumping my pencil case and wallet and whatever else I need in there. Haven't even tried stuffing my computer in, but I figure I've only got an hour of free time and classes all around it, so I'll just bring along my sign language book to read errr.. no room for another book, maybe I'll just go to the library or something. Yeah. They have computers there. :)

PS: I was completely my best at work yesterday, being awesome and fixing stuff for customers and getting the computers and receipts system working when one of the other girls totally didn't know how to do it. \o/

8am - MTH 152
10am - HIS 101
11am - BIO 101
12am - ENG 111

I am going to hate myself later for forcing myself to take math first every day. @__@

Except I could potentially find out today if I don't need to take English. \o/ Which also means I don't have to pay for two more books and at this point I'm happier thinking about less weight on my back rather than not paying for them. Still not sure if I'll be able to carry my computer with me unless I drag along my messenger bag or ditch my two notebooks and copy info to them later on. :/
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my high school was like. a hallway and some trailers. I got lost. more than I care to admit. howwillisurvivecollege. D:

Taped a cheat sheet notecard to the inside of my planner to remind me when and where I have to be for all my morning classes, especially since they require me to get up super early since the first one starts at 8am. For a whole semester. I'm totally used to waking up at 8am. XD

The good thing is that I should know between Friday and like, mid-next week if I passed the CLEP exam for my English class, and if I do I won't have to take it and still get full credit. And refund which means more money for other college-y things. LIKE COFFEE. That totally counts as a college-required item >__> I have been living off cold coffee-like drinks for almost two weeks now whatdoyoumeanitdoesntworklikethat.

And.. yeah. Apart from maybe a fleeting post on how my first ever day of college went, I'm not sure I'll be online for a while...not.. like I have been lately, but shush.

My first *full* week including classes classes looks like this:
Sun: work 2-6
Mon: class 8-1 & 6-7
Tues: work 3-7
Wed: class 8-1 & 4-7
Thurs: work 9am-7pm
Fri: class 8-1
Sat: work 1-7

And... basically repeat that for next week. so fuck yes I'm going back to NY in 3 weeks I need a break too. I could seriously just copy that whole schedule and just change my Tuesday workday to 9-2 and it would be the same. Possibly for the week after that too. And I still have to study and do homework and stuff. That Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri is going to SUCK. HARD. Especially on my sleeping, there's no way I can deviate and stay up even a little bit later or have any resemblance of a life. So please don't tempt me, I will say yes and regret it later. @___@ (But I'm rocking at work with photography and sales even though our new system is made of suck and we've changed pricing sheets TWICE in as many weeks. hell yeah.)

brb cloning myself so one of me can work and one of me can go to school. then Ceri Alpha can go finish watching Luther and BSG and actually sleep normally again. ...why is it 1:30AM already?! D:
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Well, today was interesting enough, and it's not even dinner time yet.

Went to the recruiter's office after holding steady at my current weight for over a week now.
After I was taped/measured, I was told that not only had I lost 1/3 of my needed weight, but I cut the BMI I need to drop by half! 3% left to go, BOOYA. So that's like.. another 10 lbs, but I'm aiming for 15 just because I wanna see that number drop really nicely. >:D I go back in a month or so from today to get checked for (hopefully) the final time.

Also, I have a really amazing boyfriend now. As of tomorrow, we'll be dating for two weeks, although we've both agreed that it feels more like a month or two. He's amazing, sweet, incredibly supportive (knowing from the start that the National Guard/boot camp is important to me, even though it means like 5 months being gone), and he and I share so much in common - I'm getting him hooked on Doctor Who, then Dollhouse and the Buffyverse, and he's gonna finish BSG with me and maybe start another series after that.

My best friend left for college two days ago. It's five hours away, so we probably won't be seeing a lot of each other apart from a weekend here or there, or holidays, but we do have Skype and I've promised to keep her updated on life back at home. Almost everyone I know is already at college or will be before the week is up, and it's hard just staying at home while they're all busy - but I do have college ready after boot camp is over, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Oh, and I've been knitting. LIKE CRAZY. I finished a scarf I'd been working on for a while, completed a long skinny scarf, made a placemat thing for hot dishes, started working on a nice thick scarf, and then started work on a cute autumn-themed scarf. All in the last 48 hours. I'm starting out making things I can sell (you know, that whole 'college' thing), and then end up loving what I've spent the last forever on so much that I don't wanna give it away. So I figure I'll just make multiple of whatever and keep one for me. Or do fairly simple commissions or something (like my awesome Rent scarf that shouldn't take too long to make another). No idea how to branch that out on the internets for sale just yet, and not too sure on how to price them all, but I'll get there. I may post pictures of the stuff I've made so far, it's starting to fill one of my drawers. xD

Well, that's about it for now. Any advice as far as selling the knitted stuff would be more than appreciated.
I am alive and well, thankfully. Haven't dropped off the face of the planet just yet. :)
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Dang, it's been a while. I've been busy.

Here's a quick recap and a look forward to the future. It's all pretty awesome.

click this )

So that's that. I've got about 4-5 weeks, and then I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER. Fourteen years is much too long to be at the same school.

I may do some thoughts on themes in House/Glee/Doctor Who later, but it's all escaped me at the moment.


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