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Between marathoning Dollhouse 2x04 through 2x13 in less than a day with [ profile] chibichimera (we stayed up until almost 7am to finish, woo) and the roller coaster ride of awesome, but having all of that emotional drainage with Mellie and Boyd and Topher oh Topher *hugs icon*, then coming home and watching the Castle season finale which ripped me open just as easily, and then House and seeing that ending, it's like...

I need to stop feeling for a while cause it hurts. I tend to have immediate visceral reactions to things and the Dollhouse finale drains me slowly and emotionally until the last moment but House.. watching him do the self-surgery, I was clutching my leg and trying to hold my breath and not look at the television. My leg is still twinging from thinking about it too much.

Now to try and do my [ profile] whedonland fandom scavenger hunt before the deadline, since I won't be here tomorrow to do it. They're just piling on challenges! XD
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 Created for a [ profile] whedonland challenge as a collaboration with [info]undrheavenskies. 

The mix basically has a main focus on love that was not meant to be, or what could-have-been, under normal circumstances. So it's not your typical romantic ship music, but it's lovely and sad and we think these songs fit the pairing and situation quite nicely.

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I re-watched Epitaph One/Two yesterday, and all the while my brain was going WHISKEY AND ALPHA.
Due to that, here are a ton of icons for your viewing pleasure.

All of these are from 1x12 (Omega), with some awesome shots from the opening credit sequence, and a character focus on with a focus on Whiskey and Alpha, although I do have a few with Topher, Echo, and Adelle.


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I started working on these icons from a desire to see what I could do with Gimp, and wound up going crazy with certain pictures, so now there are multiple versions of the same icon.
Most everything is from Dollhouse, but my first attempt with Gimp was with a screencap of David Tennant from the RSC movie version of Hamlet. <33


Spoilers for Epitaph Two behind the cut.
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As part of my desire to start writing again, here’s a small entry I thought up in the last ten minutes. Enjoy (or laugh at) my first entry to LJ in like....a year.

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