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Totally taken from Tumblr here.

Could Be Anything, Therefore Nothing.: How to Care for Your Sherlock Fan as Reichenbach Draws Nigh

1. DON’T be the first to mention “The Reichenbach Fall.” After reading this post, you may be tempted to gauge your fan’s sanity. “How are you feeling about Sunday?” you may be tempted to ask. But your fan is still on a “The Hounds of Baskerville” high, soaring through life on cheekbones and maybe!Mystrade and I-don’t-have-friends-I-only-have-one. The denial will end soon enough.

2. DO offer to watch “The Reichenbach Fall” with your fan. No one should have to go through that trauma alone. Don’t be offended if your fan refuses the offer, though. No one should have to sob like a baby in public.

3. DON’T check up on your fan too early after the episode. Your fan will, as mentioned before, be crying like a baby. Allow a decent interval of mourning. It’s only appropriate. Use the time to read reviews of the episode so you know whether to be prepared for the worst.

4. DO check up on your fan at some point after the episode. Call on Monday. Call on Tuesday. Go to their house on Wednesday and drag them bodily into the sunshine. Do whatever is necessary to ensure their well-being because they will probably forget.

5. DON’T tell your fan “It’s only a TV show.” You are attempting to offer comfort. Instead your fan will shout “You’re right! It will never be reality - REALITY IS WORTHLESS” and shut themselves in their room with ice cream, internet and a stack of DVDs and never leave.

Guys, this is legit printed out and tacked onto my bedroom door already. I plan on sending a few to friends and friend-fans too. It's hilar but OH-SO-TRUUUUE WHYYYY


*claims a corner to sob in*
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Good news: This is finals week for college so my mind's a bit scattered but after that, I've got lots of free time on my hands and I've been fighting stress by stitching a lot. And the complements from college people are really motivational.
I also have an 89 in my test average for math which is amazing. No idea what my total grade so far is but shouldn't be lower than an 80.

Bad news: I frikkin got fired from my job after all that hard work busting my ass running that studio - and the district manager never asked for my side on anything, just sent a message to the temp manager at my studio who'd been there a few weeks and told her to let me go. :| :| :|
So woo, no stable income and next semester is creeping up on me in exactly a month. Also I totally just sprained the top of my foot and walking on it is painful as hell. I'll get a bandage wrap for it tomorrow and then time to hunt for the crutches if it's like this Wednesday.

Other good news: I'm probably going to start making really awesome things with my geeky stitchery and selling it on like Etsy and local markets and stuff. Anything from magnets to pendants to phone charms or maybe even keychains - I have a feeling that a good deal of this will be commissioned because I can do literally anything with the finished piece and I can make it exactly how you want it. So if there's something you have in mind, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

As far as actual pricing, I have some guidelines in mind but I haven't bought any of the jewelry/charm/magnet/felt stuff which will probably need to be factored in. Once I know how much that will run me, I'll be able to list fair prices and all the other logistics.

And now, I bring you the awesome.

Mew, Shuckle, Pikachu, and Lugia

Lugia is what I'd consider a large sprite for obvious reasons. Took three hours to make, everyone else came in around two hours.

Pokeballs, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and a Cascade Badge.

Each one of these took an hour to make - the Pokeballs would be excellent necklaces, magnets, or phone charms, for example. I also plan on making the Master Ball to complete the original pokeball set and then get the colors to make all the original badges.

surprise!non-Pokemon geekery: Rupees (Legend of Zelda)

The picture quality here is the best I could do but I assure you they are vibrantly colored and look fantastic in person. I can do SO much with these (they'll be individual pieces) so it's gonna be fun to experiment. Three hours total to stitch.

I also have a really cool Zelda-inspired project I'm working on for [ profile] harbek and [ profile] gildedmuse and myself that the former gave me some great suggestions for during a four hour chat to make it even more awesome, and when it's properly set up I'll start posting pictures. Again, very customizable.

AND WHY STOP HERE? There's only eighty bajillion different video games I can work with, more than a few fandoms that lend themselves to sprite-friendly things (Fezzes! Mario! TARDIS!) and I've already gotten a request from a friend to make a phone charm of a character from Adventure Time. Hah. :P
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This took about four hours to create as an entry, thanks to all the hunting I had to do. SO worth it, even if it's nearly 2:30am now.

Decided to go back and find good moments of my past Mafia games - the one where Wash was an assassin with River and was totally leading on Simon and Zoe, the (only?) one where I was Giles, the one where Wash and Simon get drunk, the one where events were so epic that it led to a full-on crack!ship and a banner to commemorate the Wash/Simon/Illyria ship (and my headdesking a lot) or the reaaaaally early game where [ profile] lias9 was assassin!Zoe and was trying to double-cross me and then things went wild.

If any of the players in my f-list have any good stories/memories, please comment!

EDIT: I've only gone through that one jjmafia game, but I believe I've covered all the ones I was in for whedonland. I'll have to go find the other mafia comms and games, if I'm even able to, like the Villains one or speed games, but if anyone who tracked entire mafia posts still have links in their notification area, that'd be awesome.

What I've found so far:

My first mafia game as Giles (I do believe it was my second or third Whedonland game)
*Unfortunately, I was killed on day one or two or something, but being a ghost was nice. Also had [ profile] harbek as a great Topher, which I really miss.
Giles/Adelle and Adelle/Simon. Heee.
A great little moment for Giles.
Simon and River. <33333
Somewhere along the line... someone decided that Justin Beiber must clearly have been an assassin. So there were votes and speculation about him. XD

One of many wlcaritas games, but memorable to me for this:
*Note: Wash is an assassin, River's an assassin, Simon's a healer, Illyria's a mason, and I remember doing my best to skip Wash around Simon during the day and be bffs while asking to keep him alive in assassin chat (because I love [ profile] lias9 so dang much as Simon) - and according to some, Wash getting "jealous" of what became the Simon/Illyria ship.
Day 8: Wash and Simon go to the bar - following the death of Zoe.. and Drusilla shows up
This is just a cute drunk!Wash moment..
Day 9: Wash sees Dru
Day 10: Simon's the seer. (Again.) Wash and Simon have an adorbs moment.
Night 14: Wash dies and there's Simon/Wash insanity and tempertantrums. In-character. <3
Night 15a: Simon and Wash snarkage.
Night 15b: more snark!
Day 16a: ghost!Wash vs ghost!Illyria
Day 16b: more snarkage and OOC
Day 17: ghost!Wash and Simon and ghost!Illyria

My awesome shiny banner by [ profile] sucksucksmile/Anya after it was all done with. (All the assassins got one and we even gave one to Simon for being an honorary assassin, I think.)

The clubjj Mafia game of epic
* Basically, the game was dragging on so long that I felt we were all just waiting for it to be over, but didn't want to be bad sports and arbitrarily quit or declare game over. So Wash gets stressed and eventually just snaps and becomes evil. It was a lot of fun and helped lighten the mood a lot, plus it gave us something to focus on after voting.
Part 1: Wash snaps.
Part 2: The kidnapping goes weird
Part 3: surprise!Jayne and lightsabers. Also probably the only time I can use the phrase "I'm a leaf on the wind" as a threat.
Part 4: Second Notice
Part 5: Goodbye, Penny.

The dates of this thing were June 9-13th, 2010. I had to go SO far back in the archives for this one. ..what the heck HOW was that only almost a year ago?? It feels like at least two years omg. WE'RE ABOUT TO HAVE OUR ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY DATE. I'm almost positive that this was my very first Whedonland mafia game, so it's special. Introduced me to a lot of mafia friends, and looking back I now see a lot of familiar names in the rosters. Ah, good times. <3
Oooh, and [ profile] harbek as Claire?! Totally forgot about that, but re-reading it it's just as epic as I remember. I believe [ profile] kasiopeia was our very fun Jayne, too. :D

Here's a bit of Zoe/Wash. Still trying to find what made it so good.
Hee. Short but adorbs. <33
Zoe/Wash FTW
Wash getting defensive.
And then I think this is where Zoe's player starts thinking Wash is setting her up.
Oooh. Here's some great Topher/Claire interaction. [ profile] harbek and [ profile] afrocurl make it look easy. <333
The last day thread. Wash is scattered in there quite a lot with Zoe and River and all.
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Spoilers, sweeties. You have been warned. )

Too many things to remember all at once on the first go. And I wasn't taking notes like the Doctor was.
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Because I'm totally posting this rather than update on my two-week adventure and things I did besides meeting Matt Smith and Robert Sean Leonard in NYC, or going to Blacksburg and enduring the storm of the apocalypse. I think I'll do that tomorrow morning or something along with a separate mini-memorial post for Elisabeth Sladen. Still in shock about that, although I was in a semi-denial phase until some time yesterday.

Without further ado:

Stolen from [ profile] sucksucksmile.. I think.

Name me a character in one of my fandoms, and I will tell you:

* How I feel about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

Done: Astrid, Rory Williams (Doctor Who), Faith, Puppet!Angel (Buffy & Angel), Melchior (Spring Awakening) Dr. Horrible (DHSAB)

TV shows.

Feb. 18th, 2011 03:20 am
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Nice pretty lists to keep track of what I'm watching/wanna watch/haven't yet watched/finished.
Stole the format from [ profile] harbek , so yeah. (Then again, she's gotten me into so much in this post that I feel no guilt. XDD)

Cut to save my f-list from a..well, a list. Also the reason I've stayed up past 3am (again) )
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 Omfg I am so hungry it's not even funny.

I should have started with: I went to the gym! For like, around two hours. Holy cow. I'm exhausted and my legs are sore and so are my arms and mostly my legs cause I finished with a 6 1/2 minute fast run (or however long playing 'Out Tonight' 2x is - it's my fave running song). But wow it was crazy. I probably exercised like every muscle in my body. But I feel so accomplished.

AND HUNGRY. Omg. I nommed a chicken cesar salad and am working on a big bottle of water now, and some almonds, but omg it works up an appetite. Like... this hungry.

I will now proceed to give you my favorite fandom moments involving food. Spoilers abound.

Picspam of yum! )

Other moments:
- Adric doing nothing but eating 90% of the time in 'Black Orchid'
- Adelle and her alchohol
- RENT: the Life Cafe - WINE AND BEER!

Last but not least: my Cookies of Rassilon, and my assorted DW cookies, made for a Who party. They were delicious!
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Because I've got so much going on in my wonderful RL that I've gotten so behind in my fandom life. And I really want to be able to balance them both well.

Fringe episode - 6995 kHz (I'm two episodes behind)
About 32 minutes in (with commercials), I could have sworn that Astrid was in the middle of saying to Walter "Maybe you reversed the pol-" as in, polarity? As in, neutron flow? :D
See, this is my fangirl brain going haywire. PS I think I'm starting to ship Walter/lady in charge of Massive Dynamic. In a strange sort of way. Like Astrid/Walter. The friendship is awesome there. Also: massive hating of Peter/Alt-livia ship. I didn't use to be like this but they forced me to hate it.

Fringe episode - The Abducted
The guy is all like "It's the Candyman. He's back."
My immediate thought: (The Kandyman) Is this a bad thing?
PS: should I be scared that when I searched for 'kandyman' on Google that it said "Related searches: 'bloody mary'."

Doctor Who - the Christmas special is gonna be aired in the US on Christmas with the UK airing for the first time in forever. I'MSOHAPPY. <333 Plus THIS PICTURE. Fighting withdrawals now. I wanna make icons with this even though I'm only just decent at the art.

Buffy reboot without Joss - I'm not liking this one bit. Only way I'd like it remotely right now is if SMG was Buffy again, even if Joss wasn't involved. Plus it's a reboot so there's no Giles/Willow/Xander. NOTHX.

House - I'm just irritated by the previews for this current week's episode. I don't even care that my DVR screwed up and only recorded the second half. I'll get to that episode eventually before the next one airs but I don't like the thought of another people-with-religion/faith/Jesus-are-idiots/wrong episode, because I KNOW I'm not an idiot, which is the massive vibe I'm getting from just the previews.
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[ profile] cancelled_again is an interactive Whedonverse fan community dedicated to paying tribute to these awesome (and often tragically short-lived) shows in various silly ways.

Join [ profile] cancelled_again for Whedon-themed silliness: RPing, gif fights, memes, and whatever your dark little minds can devise.
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I watched the final Sherlock episode (for now).
It was SO. EFFING. GOOD. Episode one had me hooked from the start and I thought it would stay at the top of my favorite episode list forever... the second one was great, but episode one topped it.. and then episode three came and blew the first one away by a mile. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. I MUST HAVE MORE. NOW. SOON. PLZKTHX.
Follow the cut.. you know you want to. )
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...that I apparently WROTE in June 2007. Lololololol. It's completely cracky but I thought it was awesome at the time. Time to take a break from organizing and transcribe it. Here goes nothing. PS: My brain was weird with fic back then (still is - I don't even write fic) so I'm transcribing it as to how I read it now, not gonna bother writing what's on the two small pages, it's nearly unintelligible nonsense. :P

Title: A Change of Pace
Author: [ profile] shinydinosaur
Fandom: Heroes/Doctor Who
Characters: Peter, Claude, Claire, HRG, the Haitian, the Doctor
Word Count: 1078
Disclaimer: Heroes characters go to the NBC people, and the Doctor and the TARDIS belongs to the BBC.
Rating: G
Canon setting: Heroes season 1 episode 'Unexpected', and pre-'Rose' (2005).

A Change of Pace (Heroes/Doctor Who) )

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
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([ profile] gildedmuse, you demanded a "full report (of course) of the whole big damn thing", and a full report you shall have. Some mighty impressive TL;DR is here, and I expect you to read it all. XD
Don't say I didn't warn you.)

I'd love to know if anyone else went, and what they thought. (Or even if you didn't, comments are loved) You probably saw me running around snapping pics or whirling on the dance floor, if you attended.

The following is lots of my recollections rather than just a simple report on the event, so apologies if the only thing you wanted to know was textbook details. :P


PS: I was a terrible Bounty Hunter. I recognized all but two people but was so timid to actually go arrest people that I only caught one Outlaw. :P


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