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Between marathoning Dollhouse 2x04 through 2x13 in less than a day with [ profile] chibichimera (we stayed up until almost 7am to finish, woo) and the roller coaster ride of awesome, but having all of that emotional drainage with Mellie and Boyd and Topher oh Topher *hugs icon*, then coming home and watching the Castle season finale which ripped me open just as easily, and then House and seeing that ending, it's like...

I need to stop feeling for a while cause it hurts. I tend to have immediate visceral reactions to things and the Dollhouse finale drains me slowly and emotionally until the last moment but House.. watching him do the self-surgery, I was clutching my leg and trying to hold my breath and not look at the television. My leg is still twinging from thinking about it too much.

Now to try and do my [ profile] whedonland fandom scavenger hunt before the deadline, since I won't be here tomorrow to do it. They're just piling on challenges! XD
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 Sorry for an extra post but I didn't want the NG update to get overshadowed by this extra stuff in one post, 'cause I feel it's an accomplishment that should stand alone. Also I'm lazy and don't want to edit.

My home life is doing alright so far. I got my mom to turn my phone back on so I'm not helpless when I go out with friends or the gym or whatever. I did get the all-clear by my friends' parents to move in with them if I need to, short-term, but right now I'm okay.

Plus I'm going to be babysitting again. Not the full, five-days-a-week-six-hours-each deal. That would just be too much. I'm going to do half a week, and the asst. manager (person I babysit for) at least feels bad that I'm not working at the store at all for some really bizarre reason. There's six people on the schedule for the next two weeks (three of those are managers/keyholders) and I'm not one of them. So that'll be a whole five weeks of no work. I like my job, but I don't know what's going on and if I have to find another job I can. I've app'd for one and a friend told me about a bank that is hiring PT tellers like whoa (minimum wage but 20 hrs a week is so much better than the 8-10 I did get when I worked for two days/week). I can't get in touch with my manager, but the asst. manager doesn't think I was let go or anything. And she thinks I'm quite a good worker, too.

Got to see [ profile] bishojo_kitsune and [ profile] narrativeliving and my oldest best friend at a Whedonverse get-together in my community where we watched OMWF from Buffy as well as Dr. Horrible. There were these two little girls, they had to have been like six years old, sitting the row in front of me and they were ADORABLE, singing along to Dr. Horrible. I agree with [ profile] narrativeliving that they should have their own YT channel. Awwww!

In two weeks, I'll be celebrating my six-month anniversary with my boyfriend. SIX MONTHS WHAT IS THIS. *flails*
It's so weird to think about. He has surprise ideas, but wants to know what I'd like to do... but I have no clue. All I know is, we don't have a great deal of income even combined, right now, so nothing like crazy expensive, but I live for and love the simple and fun things in life. I've never needed a ton of money (unless it's to see a Broadway show, LAWL) or something really extravagant to make me happy.
I would suggest some kind of picnic because we've done those before and enjoyed them, but it's really really COLD outside.
And I'd love to surprise him with something but I have no idea what.

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[ profile] cancelled_again is an interactive Whedonverse fan community dedicated to paying tribute to these awesome (and often tragically short-lived) shows in various silly ways.

Join [ profile] cancelled_again for Whedon-themed silliness: RPing, gif fights, memes, and whatever your dark little minds can devise.
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([ profile] gildedmuse, you demanded a "full report (of course) of the whole big damn thing", and a full report you shall have. Some mighty impressive TL;DR is here, and I expect you to read it all. XD
Don't say I didn't warn you.)

I'd love to know if anyone else went, and what they thought. (Or even if you didn't, comments are loved) You probably saw me running around snapping pics or whirling on the dance floor, if you attended.

The following is lots of my recollections rather than just a simple report on the event, so apologies if the only thing you wanted to know was textbook details. :P


PS: I was a terrible Bounty Hunter. I recognized all but two people but was so timid to actually go arrest people that I only caught one Outlaw. :P
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I'll try to keep my fangirl emotions to a minimum, and all spoilers under the cut. That being said, feel free to go crazy with me. :D

Glee episode 1x19, aka "Dream On", aka the episode with Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel and NPH and directed by Joss Whedon AND LOTS OF AWESOME THINGS GOING ON HERE.

Thoughts? Agree/disagree?


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