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So I've gotten all craftsy lately. Decided to start work on a mesh bag that can hold my yarn or something or just look really cool, and then decided I REALLY want to finally start my cross-stitch learnings. So went and got a little DIY kit and it's coming along great (just need to add the outline and I'm done). I actually think I love it more than I ever thought I did.  It's really relaxing (except when you totally mess up a bit) and doesn't hurt my wrists or fingers and I can get through something small in a few hours. Which is good, cause I've had a ton of cross-stitch projects just sitting on my computer begging to be done and one of them is for a friend's new baby.

I also bought a pair of size US 50 knitting needles, because they were on sale and I've always wanted some. Even if they are bright cherry-red. (For the 95% of my f-list who don't know what that means, they look like these green ones and you can knit like 3-4 strands of yarn together at a time depending on thickness.)

And then I looked up other things because I'm insane like that, and based off of about 300 reviews I must have read, I've settled on this near the top of my wishlist: Except not this version and not with these really ugly pictures on it.  I'm not gonna make sweaters to start, but I'd love to do a blanket or poncho or something flat first. 
Someone tell me I've lost my marbles already. 

I start my new job on Tuesday at noon, which is super exciting. I really should write up my two-weeks notice letter and take it to my old boss tomorrow. *shiftyeyes* She's a bit sketch when it comes to stuff so hopefully this will go over smoothly.
I've also decided I'll do an easy cosplay of Faith from BtVS at the Serenity/Dr Horrible event next week, and a super-secret-awesome possible cosplay in the works for if I go to Dragon*Con which will probably take up a decent  portion of my free time this summer to make.

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Mostly a list for me to refer back to (I like ticky boxes!) but also you guys can poke me and prod me and make sure I'm not on here until I've accomplished my goals for the day. So yeah.

Major priority: have at least 15-20 puppets done by the morning of Saturday, April 9 (the due date). 'Cause the more I make, the more I have to sell!
Ideally I'd like to see 25, meaning I'd need to complete five per day (aka something like ~ 8-10 hours of work per day - which I really don't see happening). x_X I have three completely done now, two bodies done minus parts, and one body ready to be assembled. So basically by tomorrow I'll have six done. YES I AM A BODY FACTORY WHY DO YOU ASK.

I think I could easily do three a day, though, if I'm working on them all throughout the day and not just in one clump that would make me want to scream.

April 5 - take mom and grandpa on errands (yay driving, I actually enjoy it), go see friend and streak my hair pink with her (yes you heard me right, pink) and be awesome in general, finish the 3 puppets, make at least 3 more puppets (and listen to Lucie audios!)

April 6 - make sure I do my pimpage for [ profile] whedonland, start on [ profile] brb_gallifrey anniversary shenanigans, continue w/puppets and audios. Also go get bus tickets reserved. (They're super chill about everything, whee ghetto bus, I think the bus was like maybe 3/4 filled last time? Plus we had people just sort of showing up and paying and getting on that night.)

April 7 - continue on brb_g sekkrit stuffs, puppets, editing and finishing list of things to pack for NYC (and other roadtrip I should hopefully be going on a day after I get back)

April 8 - PUPPETS LIKE WHOA HI THERE. Get as many as completed as possible and at least make a bunch of bodies to work on at the festival (adding parts doesn't take as long)

April 9 - Alpaca festival! Working there, hopefully selling some knitted things (sadly, not taking my jewelry with me) and the puppets should do really well, and then crashing when I get home. And then starting on packing.

April 10 - PAAAACK. After all, I'm leaving that night/Monday at 12:30am for NYC! :D

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First off, my Farmer's Market table was a rather good success this morning! I stood at my area for five hours and sold two things (and fixing a bracelet that's good-as-sold), but hey, $20 is $20. I was the only table there with knits and jewelry; everyone else was food or garden-related. I had many many complements, one of my favorites being that I'm a "young knitter", and several great ideas relayed to me in order to adapt what they thought was already something great into something even better.


Even if you fun f-listers do nothing but comment as to what stuff you like/dislike, that would make me happy. Things not listed yet: Firefly-inspired mp3/phone/anything carrier, same item but in camouflage, (I had another different one but I soooold it~) epic earrings I made of a gorgeous necklace that broke (and some scarf stuff that you can see in that second linked pic like the 8ft "electric snake" scarf that I adore).

And it seems like most of my April is totally packed with crazy and fun things!

April 3-8: making alpaca-related things; visiting recruiter; making TJ watch either more Doctor Who or Chess in Concert; probably streaking some temporary pink in my hair; prepping for NYC (and technically the other trip as well); getting my babysitting money I've waited for for like a month to help with both.
April 9: Alpaca Fiesta Festival! Sell awesome knitted things. Finish packing.
April 10-11: Head up to NYC on bus - see Born Yesterday at the very least, I HAVE to go eat at the Life Cafe this time, and especially chill/geek out with/glomp [ profile] harbek and meet other awesome people I am told. :DDDD
April 14ish: Go home and wash like everything I just brought home.
April 15: Go see friend's play, spend night at boyfriend's house.
April 16-19: Get up EARLY, 6+ hr roadtrip to bf's future college and current place of my best friend <33; more roadtripping to Tennessee, then home again.
April 20-21: Get home, sleep for a month. /end

TJ suggested to me that we bring Les Mis and "you can finally introduce me to Chess!" on our roadtrip, lawl.

Things I *will* be bringing:
- Doctor Who audios (specifically with Lucie, and hunt down the ones with the Word Lord)
- Looots of music. Probably burning CDs for the second trip to save iPod battery.
- Knitting to do (if I'm not sick of it by then, hah): RENT scarf, ipod cases, whatever.
- Camera! Journal! Ways to be creative and express my thoughts!
- Probably my external harddrive for the second trip at least, for chilling out and catching the bf up on Doctor Who (or trying to) during some downtime. Plan is to go through the specials (minus Planet of the Dead, boring) and charge through the epic of season five.
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...and it hasn't even started. @___@ WHAT. UP.


Cut because I'm being nice to my flist late at night )

In the fandom world, Lucie Miller ([ profile] ohgodcrocodiles) has settled in nicely at [ profile] brb_gallifrey and even met some new friends (and a sort-of adversary) and I'm super super excited. It's fun and addicting and totally keeps me up late at night.

Speaking of which. It's almost 1am and I have to get up at 7. Nnnnngh. @_____@

TL;DR: Don't expect to see me around the internet until like Monday. Except then I'll probably be sleeping or knitting to make up for the lost time on both. xD;

OH YEAH I FORGOT TO MENTION. MADAMA BUTTERFLY WAS EPIC. My first opera, and it's the one that's playing when the Doctor flatlines on the operating table in the TVM. I'm such a dork. And 'cause I promised some people, here's a pic.
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If you're on my f-list and you're not a Doctor Who/Fifth Doctor/Peter Davison fan, feel free to jump over this, but it's full of links and fun things. :D

So since a certain unnamed friend was spamming me clips and gifs and pics like all day, here's what I've dug up since while fighting off my cold - it's gotten better! I think it must be all of these links (and maybe a bit of the meds). I've also now seen every pic/gif/vid/article linked on the tumblr fuckyeahpeterdavison. \o/


Now I don't know what I'll do tomorrow if I still feel bad, cause browsing that tumblr was quite cheering but it's finished now. I attempted some knitting today, but had to put it down after a while. Started on a really open lacy thin scarf, sorta light pink/yellow/white, and working on a nice headband in a light blue/green color, which is coming along nicely.

And here's that leaf I made yesterday. Going to probably turn this into some kind of pin at some point, along with Five's celery, but now that I know how to make it properly, I'm going to attempt teeny ones in a lighter green and see how well they hold up for earrings when I put wiring in them.

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This whole week there's been a Whedonland mafia game that just ended today. It was rather epic and I was happy to be an assassin. Fun screenshots from the last two nights of chat will show up on this post later.

Also. [ profile] harbek and [ profile] kasiopeia. I read The Hunger Games. The first one. OMFG. Dystopian futures are one of the things I love - reaaaally love - when done well, and holy crap, that's done so well. One of the best books I've ever read in a really really long time. To the point where I was so absorbed I could visualize it really well in my mind, and couldn't hear people calling for me about five feet away. (The last time that happened, I think, I was reading the last two Harry Potter books, and even then I was drifting in-and-out of Deathly Hallows even though I read it for a straight 5 1/2 hours.) I nearly cried at least once (was at someone's house so it would be odd to randomly cry, or I would've), and got incredibly upset a few other times. Then I found out there's gonna be a movie released March 2012. They're filming in Georgia from May-September 2011 and casting for extras as well as leads. I'm SO submitting my acting resume (what little there is of it) when I get the chance to talk to my parents so they're aware of it. The least I can do is try, and if National Guard interferes, so be it, but even as an extra in one scene I'd kill for the chance. Plus it's something cool on my resume if I do get it!

I waited at least a week to get this book from the library, as I had to get in the queue for it when it was available, and then I couldn't stop reading it the whole day I had it. Checked not only my library, but the libraries in the three closest cities to me. (even if it means I have to apply for their limited (free) library card.) They have at least 25 copies between all of them of book two. Guess how many were available? NONE. ASDFGHJKL. And I'm like third in the queue for my area. Book three, of course, there's several free. Go figure. I've been freaking out periodically for the last three days straight because it ends SO well but just teases you with a cliffhanger. I know when I have the money, I'm buying all three.

We bring you back to our scheduled LJ post (my little weekend of pure awesome):
Alpacas, silly sci-fi, and knitting pics await! )
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So I knitted something cool, showed it to [ profile] narrativeliving  and had the following conversation:

Her: And gloves do well on etsy, I've seen

Me: Well, they do well year-round, I should think.
Scarves are mostly a winter thing.
unless they're fandom-related.
like Harry Potter or whatever.

Her: True, unless they're fa- YOURE IN MY MIND


Her: I feel like I just got Inception'd


Took me four hours to make and now I have to make another. It's just that I'm using knitting needles that could probably fit inside a pencil and they hurt. And you know that cool pattern on the glove? Yeah. That thing is a pain in the ass to do but looks so nice.

And now I'm going to bed because I'm super tired 'cause I didn't take a nap earlier 'cause I made this instead. /END
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Not that it's horrible, more that it's a terror to make because it takes so much time, the way I did it.
Today alone, I worked on it for about three hours during the afternoon and then from 9pm to... now. So today alone I spent almost 10 hours (granted, sewing it shut took ages) and I was 98% done before today. I must have worked on this at least 25-30 hours. But SO WORTH IT.

I also got the scarf done before I see my boyfriend tomorrow after babysitting. Mission accomplished!

Okay, so. Fibonacci scarf. It's a math thing, the pattern.

What it looked like when I just got it off the needles.

Final product.

The pattern also does cool things when you turn the scarf like this:

PS if i need to LJ cut this for pics just someone tell me because i'm like so tired i'm dead right now and am going to bed soon so i can get up in like three hours. kthx.

In other news: I'm basically going to be internet dead for the rest of the week, so I think I can check my f-list once before I sleep at night, or maybe twice depending on the day but that's about it for me. Not too much activity. I'm babysitting 60 hours in 8 days this week. Already did 8 hours yesterday. Then it goes something like 8, 8, 10, 8, 10, 8. for the next seven days. no tv, no internet, but I do have a 1 year old to care for and a DVD player and lots of dvds that I think I've seen so many times I could quote them all. gonna bring new ones this week. am i going to die? maybe.
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I've still got another hour or three working on that scarf (I had to go buy MORE yarn, again) but the candy card is done!

Because we all know a massive sugarbuzz is the best way to show someone you care.

Big version for enhanced readability.

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20ish hours of work put into it and it's finally up for sale!

I'm incredibly pleased with myself now.
Figured I'd say something about it here. Also pimping my Etsy store, cause it's in there.

Here's the whole thing.

Here's how wide it is in full.

Now to sneak off and start work on my BF's super sekkrit awesome gift. I did take your advice, f-list, and got lighter green. It's Medium Thyme now rather than this dark forest/navy.

Next up after his scarf, when I get the money (or donated yarn) are some Harry Potter scarves.
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If the only thing you do is take a look at it, that'd make me happy.

I did a loooooot of talking and research with my other RL knitting friend yesterday and we did some working on it and now I've finally got things there! Things! :D
Gotta wait until the post office is open tomorrow before I start posting beanbags, so I can weigh them and find out pricing for shipping cause they're heavy.
Now that I've finally stopped procrastinating (THANK YOU PAST SELF FOR THAT REMINDER POST), I can get more done today. :D

In other news, all my Nancy Drew books were sold for $35 last week, bringing my total current money up to 150 $170. Still waiting on the $20 from a friend and $20 from dad for his commissioned scarf (making it $190).

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I'm just gonna go all out and post my pictures of crafts that I made for the purpose of selling (because I'm SO keeping my RENT scarf although I might be persuaded to make more, and there's another two scarves I can't be made to part with for anything) and you guys tell me what you think of them.

Constructive criticism is loved although I'd be happy even if you just said you liked something.
Without further ado: )

So, yeah. Thoughts? ^^;
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So first off, Mafia. I'm gonna make an awesome post when it's *officially* over, dedicated to the best round yet of Whedonland mafia, with some of the weirdest stuff I've ever seen - or instigated. But I felt like I had to share my awesome gorgeous banner that [ profile] sucksucksmile made for me and our teammates. Click to see the rest, they're adorbs.

Next up, knitting.
I'm working on a TARDIS dishcloth right now, and if it goes well I've already been asked to make a scarf with that pattern on the ends for [ profile] harbek. <333

I'm also making slight progress on the Etsy front, I've taken some good pictures and now it's a matter of pricing + shipping stuff. I think basic scarves are around $15-20ish depending on length, they take a long time to do, and anything fancy or unique (or super complicated) I think is like $30-35, because of material price + how long it takes to make. Shipping is basically however much it costs to ship, which means I have to package and weigh them. Ew, more work.

My bracelets are gonna be pretty cheap, since they're much easier to knit and I can churn out a pile in a few hours. Beanbags, I still have no idea, I'm thinking like $7 for the big nice ones and $5 for the regular nice ones. They take more time to sew + fabric + cost of rice stuffing.

Lastly, everything else. My sister still hates me with a burning passion, and has been demanding my mom to throw me out of the house, but at least I recovered all my stolen items (for like the third time), except two boxes of jewelry, including the handmade earrings/necklace graduation present by a best friend of mine, what I wore to formal dances/graduation, and some things from my trip to Europe.

On a happier note, I just celebrated my one-month anniversary with my BF, two days ago. Sometimes it seems like we've been going out for months and other days it seems like it's only been a week or two. He agrees. Not that I'm complaining, I love every minute of it, and he does too.

Lastly, I did promise myself that I'd pimp a REALLY REALLY OLD FIC of mine (aka the only one I've actually written). It's almost two years old now. And then ask my f-list for reviews. Because I got positive feedback from Assassin Chat which made me feel like maybe it's time to share this with people. Also, read to the end before judging, kthx. (It's part dream-based, part music-inspired, and I actually like it. Worked hard on it during school to get the prose just right without sounding ridiculous.)

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Well, today was interesting enough, and it's not even dinner time yet.

Went to the recruiter's office after holding steady at my current weight for over a week now.
After I was taped/measured, I was told that not only had I lost 1/3 of my needed weight, but I cut the BMI I need to drop by half! 3% left to go, BOOYA. So that's like.. another 10 lbs, but I'm aiming for 15 just because I wanna see that number drop really nicely. >:D I go back in a month or so from today to get checked for (hopefully) the final time.

Also, I have a really amazing boyfriend now. As of tomorrow, we'll be dating for two weeks, although we've both agreed that it feels more like a month or two. He's amazing, sweet, incredibly supportive (knowing from the start that the National Guard/boot camp is important to me, even though it means like 5 months being gone), and he and I share so much in common - I'm getting him hooked on Doctor Who, then Dollhouse and the Buffyverse, and he's gonna finish BSG with me and maybe start another series after that.

My best friend left for college two days ago. It's five hours away, so we probably won't be seeing a lot of each other apart from a weekend here or there, or holidays, but we do have Skype and I've promised to keep her updated on life back at home. Almost everyone I know is already at college or will be before the week is up, and it's hard just staying at home while they're all busy - but I do have college ready after boot camp is over, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Oh, and I've been knitting. LIKE CRAZY. I finished a scarf I'd been working on for a while, completed a long skinny scarf, made a placemat thing for hot dishes, started working on a nice thick scarf, and then started work on a cute autumn-themed scarf. All in the last 48 hours. I'm starting out making things I can sell (you know, that whole 'college' thing), and then end up loving what I've spent the last forever on so much that I don't wanna give it away. So I figure I'll just make multiple of whatever and keep one for me. Or do fairly simple commissions or something (like my awesome Rent scarf that shouldn't take too long to make another). No idea how to branch that out on the internets for sale just yet, and not too sure on how to price them all, but I'll get there. I may post pictures of the stuff I've made so far, it's starting to fill one of my drawers. xD

Well, that's about it for now. Any advice as far as selling the knitted stuff would be more than appreciated.
I am alive and well, thankfully. Haven't dropped off the face of the planet just yet. :)


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