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My computer cord finally died on me so I had to wait like 10 days for the replacement to be mailed to me. SO SLOW GAH. And it finally arrived this afternoon. x___x

What have I been doing in the meantime?

1. Finished my finals for first semester - and for the record, I got 2 Bs and 3 As. I'm freaking excited! My parents don't even know since I first saw my grades yesterday at like 11pm at a party.

2. Made tons and tons of things, kinda. Here's a TARDIS and lots and lots of Pokemon: Pikachu, Shuckle, Mew, Charmander, Squirtle, Clefable, Ponyta, Lugia, Articuno, and all four original Pokeballs. With plans of waaaay more on the way, it's just what I've done according to the colors I have, and when I had them. Lots of blues and reds and yellows, not so much greens or pinks. Hence lack of Bulbasaur. (Which is now a total of 71 different ones, so I could probably make Six's coat if I didn't mind the eystrain.)

3. Set up my Etsy store again. Only has three items right now, but this is my fave one and apparently the internets agrees. It's so lovely and I had fun putting it together and experimenting.

4. Dyed my hair red today. It was brown with reddish tint to it (not in that pic much) but it grew out like whoa, so now I'm more of a red/auburn!
Spent like four hours today doing it (and by that I mean my little eleven year old sister put gloves on and did the whole process herself which was about three hours worth of work - she did it last time too and it was fantastic, and this time she cut my split ends off for me and it looks nice)

5. Watched movies + caught up on House, Ringer, and much more QI. So for movies, I've seen Winter's Bone, which was brilliant and made me way more excited for Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games, and Gattaca which is now my #1 fave hardcore science fiction movie ever. I didn't expect to cry at the end so all of a sudden tears was whoa. And then I watched the extras on the DVD and the 'epilogue' that they cut out at the last second just took my breath away and sent chills down my spine at the end. I need a version where it's left in. Omg. Could probably write a whole post on how fantastic Gattaca was in every sense. It's from 1997 and I swear it was written for 2010, it's so, so relevant and I'd love to see it be in curriculum for genetics classes if it's not already.

6. Went to the most amazing Christmas party that a friend hosted. I was with old and new friends for 12 straight hours and made so many more inside jokes and moments that we'll never forget. Had tons of homemade foods and desserts, watched Muppets Christmas Carol, played a rather action-packed game of Spoons (it isn't fun until someone gets hurt) and lots of just wonderful socializing. Met my evil twin who is crazy awesome. She's an English major, we spoke with British accents for an hour or two. she looks very much like me down to the hair and glasses, ships the same alt!ships for Harry Potter fandom, and even recognized my cross-stitched TARDIS which surprised me. :D

7. Finally achieved my goal of getting one million NP on Neopets. Yeah, you heard me right. The games are addicting and free, and I have friends who've stayed on as long as I have (seven years now) so it's nice to reconnect. Totally used other computers to do it of course, for maybe an hour or two a day, but it's nice and relaxing and I've always wanted a million points in their game currency and now I have it. \o/

8. I also saw a very dear friend of mine in a great production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and had about five other mutual friends come too. He was the most hilarious Malvolio ever and I had to keep covering my mouth because I couldn't keep a straight face. Every time I turned around to hide my laughter, at least one of my friends had tears running down her face or had their heads hidden. It was great. :D
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Good news: This is finals week for college so my mind's a bit scattered but after that, I've got lots of free time on my hands and I've been fighting stress by stitching a lot. And the complements from college people are really motivational.
I also have an 89 in my test average for math which is amazing. No idea what my total grade so far is but shouldn't be lower than an 80.

Bad news: I frikkin got fired from my job after all that hard work busting my ass running that studio - and the district manager never asked for my side on anything, just sent a message to the temp manager at my studio who'd been there a few weeks and told her to let me go. :| :| :|
So woo, no stable income and next semester is creeping up on me in exactly a month. Also I totally just sprained the top of my foot and walking on it is painful as hell. I'll get a bandage wrap for it tomorrow and then time to hunt for the crutches if it's like this Wednesday.

Other good news: I'm probably going to start making really awesome things with my geeky stitchery and selling it on like Etsy and local markets and stuff. Anything from magnets to pendants to phone charms or maybe even keychains - I have a feeling that a good deal of this will be commissioned because I can do literally anything with the finished piece and I can make it exactly how you want it. So if there's something you have in mind, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

As far as actual pricing, I have some guidelines in mind but I haven't bought any of the jewelry/charm/magnet/felt stuff which will probably need to be factored in. Once I know how much that will run me, I'll be able to list fair prices and all the other logistics.

And now, I bring you the awesome.

Mew, Shuckle, Pikachu, and Lugia

Lugia is what I'd consider a large sprite for obvious reasons. Took three hours to make, everyone else came in around two hours.

Pokeballs, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and a Cascade Badge.

Each one of these took an hour to make - the Pokeballs would be excellent necklaces, magnets, or phone charms, for example. I also plan on making the Master Ball to complete the original pokeball set and then get the colors to make all the original badges.

surprise!non-Pokemon geekery: Rupees (Legend of Zelda)

The picture quality here is the best I could do but I assure you they are vibrantly colored and look fantastic in person. I can do SO much with these (they'll be individual pieces) so it's gonna be fun to experiment. Three hours total to stitch.

I also have a really cool Zelda-inspired project I'm working on for [livejournal.com profile] harbek and [livejournal.com profile] gildedmuse and myself that the former gave me some great suggestions for during a four hour chat to make it even more awesome, and when it's properly set up I'll start posting pictures. Again, very customizable.

AND WHY STOP HERE? There's only eighty bajillion different video games I can work with, more than a few fandoms that lend themselves to sprite-friendly things (Fezzes! Mario! TARDIS!) and I've already gotten a request from a friend to make a phone charm of a character from Adventure Time. Hah. :P
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Decided to get all geeky with my inner-gaming self. Yes, at 1am.

[Pokemon]: 23
[Misc]: 2


Look )
Look )
Look )
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Jan 3-9 - shiny Raikou (Gamestop) MISSED IT. D:
Jan 17-23  - shiny Entei (Gamestop)
Jan 31 - Feb 7 - shiny Suicune (Gamestop)
Jan 31 - Feb 13 - Ash's Pikachu (Toys R Us)
Feb 27 - March 7 - Celebi (Gamestop)

Each one unlocks something in the new Black/White games (except Ash's Pikachu), and Celebi unlocks something in HG/SS as well as B/W.

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So yeah. I've got the most on Diamond right now, and I'd like to get another chunk completed before Black/White comes out and I get even more behind. If the Pokemon name is in italics/not listed, I haven't even seen it in the game yet.

If any Pokemon geeks with wifi are out there, I'd love your help. I can breed just about anything that's not listed here, basically, and I don't mind hatching eggs given to me but it's such a pain. For some of the rarer non-legendary Pokemon, it'd be great if you just gave me an egg, or at the very least did a double-trade.

(Updated Nov. 25, 2010)
Seen: 375/493
Obtained: 285 307 331

LJ-cutting for your sanity.

(egg) - I can hatch this from another evolution. Lowest priority.
(evolve) - I can evolve the previous form to get this. Medium priority, as it takes time.
(SS) - I can trade this over from my SoulSilver game. Higher priority, as I don't have a secondary DS system readily available.

Pokemon I've seen in-game but need )
Pokemon I haven't seen in-game )

I think I'm gonna pull out some GBA games and see how far I need to go in those before I can start transferring Pokemon over. I wanna at least get all the legendaries/needed/version-exclusive Pokemon before I do mass-dumping into my Diamond/Platinum/SS games, since it's irreversible. And then when that is finally completed, I can put my DS Lite towards the price of a 3DS in March/whenever I get back from boot camp.

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Edit: For those of you who aren't Pokemon geeks like me, here's what this means.

A shiny Pokemon is a differently-colored one. They're considered really rare, in terms of obtainable, because my chances of seeing one, in any game ever, are about 1 in 8192 or 0.01%.

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This could potentially be part one of who-knows-how-many. I don't really want to write a walkthrough as I do have a life, but if I see something cool/hidden in the game I may jot it down. And I'm still trying to write more.

Pokemon SoulSilver is a direct remake/upgrade of the 1999 Pokemon Silver game (Silver is touted by Amazon as being "a new adventure that's filled with numerous enhancements and innovations" LOLOLOL).

Potential spoilers for extra in-game stuff (non-plot related) under the cut.

Your Pokemon journey is about to begin. )


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