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Ew no take it away.

Your 'new and improved' layout is crap, I can't even post a comment without it taking a billion seconds and acting like it's frozen in hell, the new 'easier' way of choosing a user icon makes me shudder and want to stick with just the default for the rest of my life.

I want my subject lines back. You kept the old ones by making them bigger bolded font at the beginning of old comments but I WANT IT BACK. The new colors are bright and annoying and I'm sure any sort of prolonged exposure to it will give me a nightmare of a headache trying to read long comment threads WHICH I CAN'T EVEN SEE RIGHT. It's like OH FLOATY BUBBLES SO PRETTY AND NEW but the old way worked and I was happy with it and I liked it and maybe it didn't look all 2011 but it was very functional and it's an older website and I loved that it reflected that while still being my favorite place to go online for socializing. Sometimes simple is better.

I seriously have never gone up in arms about ANY. SINGLE. CHANGE. you have ever implemented but this is pissing me off so much that I can't just sit back and ignore it this time. It's like you WANT us to leave so you can shut down the site or your leader is the biggest troll on earth or SOMETHING. If this was an April Fools joke, then it would be an epic one because shit is hitting the fan so hard. Your update comments have already reached like 27-28 pages as I sit here and they are all negative.



And now I'm going to bed after watching the trailer for The Hobbit one last time because it is good and right and beautiful and knows how to make older things work in the current year without making the fanbase rage like hell.
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Originally posted by [ profile] moerlin at As of tomorrow, no more subject lines in comments on LJ
I was gonna update this with much happier stuff, but for the past week I've just been so enraged with LJ's asshattery that I've had it to here.

In case you didn't know, on 12/12 they first announced sneakily on the Russian journal of LJ's design guy that with new changes being implemented tomorrow, there will be no more subject lines in comments and that this change was "non-negotiable" (good round-up and translation here). I'm sure you all realize that this will basically make fandom and RP communities unusable. LJ's staff, however, doesn't give a shit. At least 18 pages of 100% negative feedback didn't sway them.

They've backpedaled some and will make keeping comment subject lines optional in some S2 styles, but the default (that 99% of communities are running right now) will decidedly be subject-less! Not to mention that their new and frankly, fucking ugly design will take forever to load and make the site a pain to use on mobile browsers.

And oh, it looks like they might be taking away the drop-down menu to select icons as well, so you'll have to load all your icons as pictures to select them. Lovely. (I will beta-test tonight to see if this is actually true.)

Really, I don't know why I'm surprised. LJ is always fucking with the parts of the site that actually work and breaking them, so this is just another instance of that. Because seriously, who are subject lines hurting by just being there? (And no, it can't be a matter of server strain, considering the new "graphic" interface will definitely be using up more resources - so much fun when there's DDoS attacks!)
As far as I know, they've never once listened to their customers, so those thousands of comments already posted probably won't do shit. I've left a message expressing my concerns about the new comment pages here anyway; so if you want to do that too, go for it! If anything, it helps with the rage. ;)

FYI: Dreamwidth is feeling Christmasy has reacted to LJ's bullshit and has open account creation (no invite codes needed) for the rest of the week. Might be a good idea to get your back-up or new home, whatever the case may be, up and running now.

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I've been three episodes behind and literally only started 3x05 a minute ago, but from what I see, the premise of this episode is YOU SUCK AS ACTORS AND CAN'T PORTRAY EMOTION AND PASSION PROPERLY CAUSE YOU NEVER HAD SEX. This is essentially what Artie is saying to Blaine and Rachel. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. *dislike*

"Can I be honest? This song is about sexual awakening, as is the entire musical. You two lack passion. Have either of you two actually... Look, I remember my first time with Britney, the excitement, the way it made me feel like a man..." "Look, as your friend I support your strange aversion to fun, but as your director I'm concerned." "Well, how do you expect to convey the human experience to an audience when you haven't even opened yourself up to one of humanity's most basic and primal ones?"


Also seriously the myriad of things you could do with this episode WHY THIS.

As soon as I finish watching the episode I can see where they were going with this, but right now I'm just pissed off.

cut for my thoughts and possible ranting )

EDIT: Okay so it wasn't AS BAD as I thought based on the opening premise but stiiiiiill. :/
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It crashed. Totally and utterly crashed. Days after I put everything on it. Thankfully, due to a friend and Facebook and TinyPic and my Photobucket account from back like 2005, about... 98% of my photos will be successfully retrieved. The 2% remaining consists of pictures I downloaded from other places online anyway, or personal pictures that I hadn't got around to uploading. I am in the process of downloading 8,000 right now from Facebook alone. Not even kidding.

My documents - apart from chat logs which I'm hoping to eventually get back / if anyone who chats with me saves their chats too, that'd be awesome, and some school documents - the most important of which have probably been emailed at least half a dozen times - are gone as well, but they don't hurt me as badly, I think.

Right now, the most devastating loss is my video collection. I have all my audios, but my bootlegs are gone - I mean, I'm sure I can eventually restore my collection, since maybe 1/4th of it has been uploaded online, I've burned DVDs of some, and I'll be contacting people I've traded to in the past as well, but that's a LOT of video. I just updated my new trading site too, so I know exactly what I need to get back. It would be easier to mark what I actually DO still have. @_@

I also had all of Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Doctor Who/Torchwood, which may take an extremely long time to get back, but is by far one of the easier things to do. Some of the really old things may be harder to find, such as the original Taking Over The Asylum, for example (not the DVD release where they switched out all the original songs for new ones since they didn't bother to get copyrights back in the 80s for it).

All my own videos are mostly gone, sadly, but my drama class films are on various DVDs so I can always re-burn them or try and rip them off. And who knows what else is gone, but what can you do. Definitely not buying that brand of hard drive again, as it's become a 2 TB paperweight. A really expensive paperweight.

So. Probably cross-posting to all the musical trading communities that I'm on indefinite hiatus until I can rebuild my collection of videos. This sucks.
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Because I've got so much going on in my wonderful RL that I've gotten so behind in my fandom life. And I really want to be able to balance them both well.

Fringe episode - 6995 kHz (I'm two episodes behind)
About 32 minutes in (with commercials), I could have sworn that Astrid was in the middle of saying to Walter "Maybe you reversed the pol-" as in, polarity? As in, neutron flow? :D
See, this is my fangirl brain going haywire. PS I think I'm starting to ship Walter/lady in charge of Massive Dynamic. In a strange sort of way. Like Astrid/Walter. The friendship is awesome there. Also: massive hating of Peter/Alt-livia ship. I didn't use to be like this but they forced me to hate it.

Fringe episode - The Abducted
The guy is all like "It's the Candyman. He's back."
My immediate thought: (The Kandyman) Is this a bad thing?
PS: should I be scared that when I searched for 'kandyman' on Google that it said "Related searches: 'bloody mary'."

Doctor Who - the Christmas special is gonna be aired in the US on Christmas with the UK airing for the first time in forever. I'MSOHAPPY. <333 Plus THIS PICTURE. Fighting withdrawals now. I wanna make icons with this even though I'm only just decent at the art.

Buffy reboot without Joss - I'm not liking this one bit. Only way I'd like it remotely right now is if SMG was Buffy again, even if Joss wasn't involved. Plus it's a reboot so there's no Giles/Willow/Xander. NOTHX.

House - I'm just irritated by the previews for this current week's episode. I don't even care that my DVR screwed up and only recorded the second half. I'll get to that episode eventually before the next one airs but I don't like the thought of another people-with-religion/faith/Jesus-are-idiots/wrong episode, because I KNOW I'm not an idiot, which is the massive vibe I'm getting from just the previews.
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After the cut are my immediate thoughts on the episode, post-viewing.

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Taking a break from packing. >_<

I just realized that my camera charger and extra battery are missing. NOT GOOD. By "missing", I mean "more-likely-that-they-have-been-stolen-by-my-sister". This has happened before. I'm still trying to find really good strategic hiding spots all over the house for important things that I can't take with me and want to find them again when I get back in two weeks.

So the soccer game today was good, but we lost by 3. I couldn't play, but I'm also the newbie on the team so that's fine. It was weird playing a rival school that had several former classmates there.
One of them is a good friend of mine, although in the last few years he's let his ego and attention-seeking or whatever it is get so huge that I can't stand it. My friends and I have been saying for a while now that he's got a knack as a pathological liar when he wants to be.
In a moment of weakness, I asked this friend if he'd like to take me to our formal school dance and he said sure, and then I get all excited and hear nothing until two weeks later, when tells me he's going to NYC that exact same day with his dad and brother. Hasn't mentioned it since.
So anyways, I saw him before the game and we talked for a good while, then he said he had to go wait for his brother to finish his weightlifting in the gym and they'd go home.

Fifteen minutes later, the game started, and OH LOOK IT'S HIS BROTHER. Not anywhere near the gym, he's helping with the soccer game by fetching stray balls. And my friend is texting me during the game and denying that it's his brother. When it clearly is. It was like WTF WHY WOULD YOU LIE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I was hoping he'd changed but I guess not, or maybe he's gotten worse. This is the stupidest thing to lie about compared to the stories of writing a book, having three self-written/sung song albums, meeting Miley Cyrus and other celebrities when he (actually) went to California to audition for something, and some kind of record deal thing WAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN.

Oh, and he thinks Love Never Dies is the greatest musical of all time now. (He's supposedly "seen" that, too.) DEALBREAKER LIKE WHOA. :|

Now I feel like a complete, somewhat naive idiot for ever having thought he was worth it. He used to be fine, we were bffs before he got it into his head that he was gonna be this awesome actor and started upstaging everyone during shows and then trying to do that WOW SHOCK OMG NOWAI factor in real life.

And there is my rant on that. /end


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