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Text stolen/modified shamelessly from [ profile] maratini with permission. <3

Post is public and comments are screened by default - anything with addresses/personal info in them will stay hidden.

I'm sending cards out again this year! Leave me your address to get a little piece of mail all your own. I did an exchange last year for Christmas/New Years/winter and it was a lot of fun and fueled my creative spirit. The sooner you comment, the more time I have to think of something cool for you. :D

- Cards will be send mid-December and will be totally generic/random. If you celebrate a holiday & would like a holiday card, please let me know. Or you can request getting some awesome postcard from who-knows where (at random from a pile of postcards I picked up all around Europe + my lovely state of Virginia), although I can't send a separate object with it is the only downside.

- Request stuff! Anything small that can fit in a regular card envelope is fine - story, haiku, doodle, handwritten letter, photograph, etc. List your top three fandoms/characters and I will see what I can do if you want to be surprised.

- I don't mind if we don't know each other very well, but I do ask that I at least know you & have interacted with you on LJ/tumblr/twitter/some other social network. (If I do know you well, expect awesome.)

- Yes, I really do like doing this. No, I don't expect anything in return. Getting something personalized in the mail is rare and fun, and the price of a stamp is a small price to pay for that.

- It doesn't matter where in the world you live, I will send you a card. Even especially if you live with unicorns.

- Addresses are kept private and I don't hang on to them after the cards are mailed. Which also means if I sent you something last year, I need your address again if you want something this year. :)
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You may now return to your regularly-scheduled journaling.
Happy October 1st!
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Jan 3-9 - shiny Raikou (Gamestop) MISSED IT. D:
Jan 17-23  - shiny Entei (Gamestop)
Jan 31 - Feb 7 - shiny Suicune (Gamestop)
Jan 31 - Feb 13 - Ash's Pikachu (Toys R Us)
Feb 27 - March 7 - Celebi (Gamestop)

Each one unlocks something in the new Black/White games (except Ash's Pikachu), and Celebi unlocks something in HG/SS as well as B/W.

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So I'm stealing a page from [ profile] bishojo_kitsune's book and making myself a reminder post. Nothing too fancy but it'll be useful to keep my thoughts and priorities collected.

Hi, self. Pay attention later, there will be a test. Or you will forget something and fail epically. We don't want that. Especially me.
Self, click here. F-list, you guys can read along and comment too. It'd be helpful. )

I think that's it, self. So go to bed, be smart, listen to me tomorrow. That is all.


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