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cut for spoilers )

Great episode and easily one of the best in the last 2-3 years. Welcome back, show. I've missed you terribly.

I also watched Law & Order: UK, wondered where on earth Jamie Bamber's character's gotten to, and -- hiii Peter Davison, I see you in that one 30-second scene there and that other two minute scene where you're all annoyed at people.

Edit: Well, this would be why he's not in L&O: UK, and also because I watched his character's final episode ages ago and forgot. -_-

Luther didn't record the last two episodes on my TV so Friday will be a Luther-fest. Wednesday and Thursday will be 11 and 9 hours of school and work, respectively.
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Just goes to show how lazy/weird I am, posting about a movie I've just watched for the first time rather than, yanno, the Serenity event, graduation or that awesome Mafia game that just finished or anything like that.

28 Days was a pretty great movie, and exceeded all expectations I had of it, and then some.

What I thought about the movie 28 Days )
F-list, have you seen this? If not, shame on you, and go watch it now.
If you have, I'd LOVE to hear what you think.
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This could potentially be part one of who-knows-how-many. I don't really want to write a walkthrough as I do have a life, but if I see something cool/hidden in the game I may jot it down. And I'm still trying to write more.

Pokemon SoulSilver is a direct remake/upgrade of the 1999 Pokemon Silver game (Silver is touted by Amazon as being "a new adventure that's filled with numerous enhancements and innovations" LOLOLOL).

Potential spoilers for extra in-game stuff (non-plot related) under the cut.

Your Pokemon journey is about to begin. )
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Buffy's back on TV! Two different channels, no less. :D
My way of celebration: watching Once More With Feeling, singing along, and taking notes on the TV edit.

It does look really hi-def, or something. Definitely a lot clearer.

Without much ado, my list of 30. )


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