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Because I finally have a moment to breathe, although I've been feeling sore and crappy the last three days and now I feel like I can't sit up without losing my dinner. I also use "obsess" loosely, as in many cases it's just simply some kind of intense focus, whether temporary or not.

Also because I'm distracting myself over the fact that I still have not had time to watch the last Doctor Who (or any other show placing second or below on my TV priorities list).

Sidenote: I passed my karate midterm today! Had to perform the first two katas I learned over the course of a month, and I did it despite being so nervous I was shaking afterwards.

List time!

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Funny story, my awesome college friend who loves musicals and singing/acting and is finally learning about all the great shows out there, we were talking today and I swear this is the conversation verbatim:

Him: hey, that woman on Glee with the dark hair, she looks like she'd make an amazing Elphaba.
Me: Lea Michele - I mean, Rachel Berry? Ohpleasepleaseno.
Him: No, the one that plays her mom.
Me: ...Idina Menzel?
Him: Yeah, her!
Me: ...she was the original Elphaba, so...yeah.
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...even if it did drop to like -9 or whatever that night, with the wind.

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[ profile] broadwayverse [ profile] broadwayverse [ profile] broadwayverse
Come join broadwayverse! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO
Broadwayverse is an interactive competition inspired by communities like [ profile] whedonland and [ profile] jjverse and encompassing all Broadway-related theatre. Members are sorted into teams and then participate in games and challenges, such as writing fic, making graphics, and solving puzzles. Some of the challenges involve skill, but most of them are participation and/or luck based, so everyone and anyone can join in the fun. Points are awarded at the end of each challenge, and the team with the highest number of points at the end of the phase wins.

Join [ profile] teamlead and ask for me! It's gonna be awesome! :D

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Honk! is actually over.
But it can't be. It just can't.

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Am I alone with this or what?
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Yesterday: I got 6 hours of sleep, stayed up for 18+ hours - got home at 12:45 AM and went to bed at 1 AM. Today: got less than 5 hours sleep and stayed up for nearly 20. Dress rehearsals are just made of fun tiems. \o/

The rehearsal last night was good, but rough. Some tough moments (like blanking out on two lines of my solo and destroying the harmony in a duet) but was told I covered well for the former moment, (...HOW?!?)

Also, by 'good', I mean I've never had a dress rehearsal where we weren't constantly stopping for things (and this is the first show I've been part of where we actually went through the full dress/tech TWICE before the two official performances. Two days of it is WAY nice, since sometimes we've never even been able to finish a whole show during practice).

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So why am I really stupidly staying up way later that I need to in the first place to write all this? It's cause I'm gonna forget to do it later and I'm so tired that I'm going to forget this whole thing entirely later on.
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Dang, it's been a while. I've been busy.

Here's a quick recap and a look forward to the future. It's all pretty awesome.

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So that's that. I've got about 4-5 weeks, and then I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER. Fourteen years is much too long to be at the same school.

I may do some thoughts on themes in House/Glee/Doctor Who later, but it's all escaped me at the moment.


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