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Ew no take it away.

Your 'new and improved' layout is crap, I can't even post a comment without it taking a billion seconds and acting like it's frozen in hell, the new 'easier' way of choosing a user icon makes me shudder and want to stick with just the default for the rest of my life.

I want my subject lines back. You kept the old ones by making them bigger bolded font at the beginning of old comments but I WANT IT BACK. The new colors are bright and annoying and I'm sure any sort of prolonged exposure to it will give me a nightmare of a headache trying to read long comment threads WHICH I CAN'T EVEN SEE RIGHT. It's like OH FLOATY BUBBLES SO PRETTY AND NEW but the old way worked and I was happy with it and I liked it and maybe it didn't look all 2011 but it was very functional and it's an older website and I loved that it reflected that while still being my favorite place to go online for socializing. Sometimes simple is better.

I seriously have never gone up in arms about ANY. SINGLE. CHANGE. you have ever implemented but this is pissing me off so much that I can't just sit back and ignore it this time. It's like you WANT us to leave so you can shut down the site or your leader is the biggest troll on earth or SOMETHING. If this was an April Fools joke, then it would be an epic one because shit is hitting the fan so hard. Your update comments have already reached like 27-28 pages as I sit here and they are all negative.



And now I'm going to bed after watching the trailer for The Hobbit one last time because it is good and right and beautiful and knows how to make older things work in the current year without making the fanbase rage like hell.
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..cause I've been frikkin busy. 3 weeks in a row, I'm clocking 25 hours of work a week and 13 credit hours. So every spare moment of my life is taken up. On the plus side, my paycheck tomorrow (before taxes) is $412.

HEY GUESS WHAT. I went to the chiropractor last Monday! I already feel amazing although I need to go ideally 2x a week for 4 months or so - and my schedule barely lets me go 1x a week and that's in-between classes even. Definitely a stretch. Fortunately my new class schedule for second semester means I don't have super long days anymore and all last classes end at 1pm!

That paper I'm supposed to turn in tomorrow about my future career, for that class that told me last week how to write resumes and do job interviews/applications? Yeah, I haven't done it yet. Cause I've been working all the time. Hi, irony. You're looking sharp today.

Last week I used every tiny second to finish my first actual cross-stitch project, which I proudly present here.
Took me 5 months off-and-on, but 2/3rds of it was done by month three. The face was about.. 15-20ish hours to do, just the outline of the hand/flower was about three hours and probably 6-10 to color in, words take about 2-4 to stitch and color... I lost count after that. x_x
Start date: June 6 - End date: September 25ish.

I'm also thinking about doing some cross-stitch gifts for Christmas. Probably sticking with bookmarks and stuff since it's easier, depending on my work schedule during my college break. x___x;
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So when I woke up I was pretty sure it was Monday. :/

Also I found out if I pass English then I gotta take minimum of two more credit hours to keep my financial aid the way it is (and I like the way it is). Unfortunately, all the stuff I reaaally wanted to take (American Sign Language, ballroom dancing) was either full or during a time that I already had class. So I'm gonna take a Martial Arts class instead and just play around with my schedule to fit it. Which is less interesting than ballroom dancing but more interesting than another English class or learning how to wield metal or something.

I honestly don't even know what day it is anymore, just that I have to go to to work today, again. Uuuugh.

I do have this one worry already about college though. Basically, I don't believe in evolution, the big bang, whatever... and I've never had to take a class advocating it or teaching it as fact before. My history class might not be too terribly bad once we get past that part, although the teacher seems fairly strict when it comes to policies and such (no water bottle? seriously? D: ), but I know Biology will cover it a lot - my teacher for biology is super nice and even gave us all opportunity to write down and give her our thoughts on what might worry us about the class or what we have problems with, basically. So hopefully I can work through that as I get to it.

Also I got up through episode 9 of s3 BSG. aaah it's so fantabulous and so many moments making me all happy and warm inside. I'll do my homework and study every day (once I get my assignments) and then reward myself with an episode when I'm done. <33333

Anywho, work soon. I miss talking to all my WL family and friends on LJ. Unfortunately, no matter how slow my job is on any day, we don't have any internet. :(
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It crashed. Totally and utterly crashed. Days after I put everything on it. Thankfully, due to a friend and Facebook and TinyPic and my Photobucket account from back like 2005, about... 98% of my photos will be successfully retrieved. The 2% remaining consists of pictures I downloaded from other places online anyway, or personal pictures that I hadn't got around to uploading. I am in the process of downloading 8,000 right now from Facebook alone. Not even kidding.

My documents - apart from chat logs which I'm hoping to eventually get back / if anyone who chats with me saves their chats too, that'd be awesome, and some school documents - the most important of which have probably been emailed at least half a dozen times - are gone as well, but they don't hurt me as badly, I think.

Right now, the most devastating loss is my video collection. I have all my audios, but my bootlegs are gone - I mean, I'm sure I can eventually restore my collection, since maybe 1/4th of it has been uploaded online, I've burned DVDs of some, and I'll be contacting people I've traded to in the past as well, but that's a LOT of video. I just updated my new trading site too, so I know exactly what I need to get back. It would be easier to mark what I actually DO still have. @_@

I also had all of Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Doctor Who/Torchwood, which may take an extremely long time to get back, but is by far one of the easier things to do. Some of the really old things may be harder to find, such as the original Taking Over The Asylum, for example (not the DVD release where they switched out all the original songs for new ones since they didn't bother to get copyrights back in the 80s for it).

All my own videos are mostly gone, sadly, but my drama class films are on various DVDs so I can always re-burn them or try and rip them off. And who knows what else is gone, but what can you do. Definitely not buying that brand of hard drive again, as it's become a 2 TB paperweight. A really expensive paperweight.

So. Probably cross-posting to all the musical trading communities that I'm on indefinite hiatus until I can rebuild my collection of videos. This sucks.
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It is also 1:50am now so I am surprised at how well i am being coherency stuff. Tho I wrote lots of this like maybe some hours ago and now it's been like 20 hours awake on like 5 hours sleep why am I still awake alive even
My second day of job training was excellent. (I have a badge now you guys. I'm LEGIT.)
My boss gave me instructions on how to use our huge studio camera and gave me like 10 minutes to play around with manual settings to get the feel of it, then set it to default (as far away as it goes as high up as it goes) and timed me on like four different shots, defaulting the camera each time. It's a monster to operate especially as I'm left-handed and so I can't use it like I normally would to take pictures. My time went down from like 36-42 seconds to about 14-20 by the third drill and she was ridiculously impressed with how great the pictures of her were cropped and shot.

cutting )

Also progressing nicely on my cross-stitching. I estimate about 13 hours have gone into what you see here, although right now it's about 15 hours total and I've got the top of the head filled in. Pleeenty more to goe before I'm any where near done.
(this isthe bit I am writing at almost 2am how did I stay up this late like 22 hrs now i am a zombie)
In other news, Tucker & Dale vs Evil is FINALLY FREAKING FINALLY getting a release date of something like september 26 or 27 or something around then. Totally excited just hope it's in a theatre near me. been waiting like over a year and a half for it or something and it's like the best or most anticipated movie never released XD

And... I am going to bed why haven't I already I feel like I'm gonna just fall asleep right he
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New job starts in 3 days! Getting paid to do things I'd love to do for free - making kids smile from behind a camera - and shiny fancy camera and backdrops and stuff. :D

Can't Stop The Serenity event in 8 days.
Four hours of Dr. Horrible and Serenity on a big movie screen along with vendors and a fanmusic band and all sorts of fun!

Tony Awards airing in 9 days! Definitely looking forward to that - I always watch the big awards shows but the Tonys are probably one of my top two faves. NPH is hosting again which is excellent because last time he was FANTASTIC (good grief does he ever take a break?) and the Company group is doing something spectacular I hear. <3

Roadtrip to see NPH & co in Company on the big screen in 13 days! Mom not only was totally up for going (despite not really knowing what she's seeing) but it'll be a really fun drive up and back - even if I'm leaving straight from work and we're getting home around midnight or so and I have work the next afternoon. :P  AND IJUSTBOUGHTMYTICKETOMG.
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*mass flailing/squeeing ensues*

I can't even like type right now omg you guys my first IM immediately getting off the phone was like 
ceribri 1:07 pm

AND NOW I AM GONNA GO PARTY AND CALM DOWN (BUT NOT TOO MUCH) AND GO TO THE AWESOME COMICS STORE COOKOUT WITH HOTDOGS AND HAMBURGERS AND STUFF IN AN HOUR. SO EXCITED OMG. THE PAY IS PRETTY NICE AND I GET TO WORK WITH CAMERAS AND KIDS AND DUDE I WAS MADE FOR THIS JOB. I'll be working like 28-29 hours in my first two weeks (paid training yay!) and then I'm guaranteed like 15-20 hours or more every week as a part-timer. THIS IS GOOD. VERY VERY GOOD. Just have to go get a blouse and some shoes that fit their dress code. :DDDDDDD
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 Man, my life is busy as heck lately.

So here's a quick update before I get my 5-6 hours of sleep. (EDIT: Quick? Lawl, took me the better part of half an hour to write all this. So I'm categorizing, cutting, and chronological-izing to save you all the trouble of trying to decipher my jumbled thoughts.

The Past: )
The Present: )
The Future: )
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I'm determined to get the rest of the Pokemon I need to complete one whole Pokedex. >__<

Seen: 375
Obtained: 332

Missing: 1-151 ) Total: 17

152-251 ) Total: 62

Missing: 252-386 ) Total: 49

Missing: 387-490 ) Total: 31

Final total: 159 missing of 491
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If the only thing you do is take a look at it, that'd make me happy.

I did a loooooot of talking and research with my other RL knitting friend yesterday and we did some working on it and now I've finally got things there! Things! :D
Gotta wait until the post office is open tomorrow before I start posting beanbags, so I can weigh them and find out pricing for shipping cause they're heavy.
Now that I've finally stopped procrastinating (THANK YOU PAST SELF FOR THAT REMINDER POST), I can get more done today. :D

In other news, all my Nancy Drew books were sold for $35 last week, bringing my total current money up to 150 $170. Still waiting on the $20 from a friend and $20 from dad for his commissioned scarf (making it $190).

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So I'm stealing a page from [ profile] bishojo_kitsune's book and making myself a reminder post. Nothing too fancy but it'll be useful to keep my thoughts and priorities collected.

Hi, self. Pay attention later, there will be a test. Or you will forget something and fail epically. We don't want that. Especially me.
Self, click here. F-list, you guys can read along and comment too. It'd be helpful. )

I think that's it, self. So go to bed, be smart, listen to me tomorrow. That is all.
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So first off, Mafia. I'm gonna make an awesome post when it's *officially* over, dedicated to the best round yet of Whedonland mafia, with some of the weirdest stuff I've ever seen - or instigated. But I felt like I had to share my awesome gorgeous banner that [ profile] sucksucksmile made for me and our teammates. Click to see the rest, they're adorbs.

Next up, knitting.
I'm working on a TARDIS dishcloth right now, and if it goes well I've already been asked to make a scarf with that pattern on the ends for [ profile] harbek. <333

I'm also making slight progress on the Etsy front, I've taken some good pictures and now it's a matter of pricing + shipping stuff. I think basic scarves are around $15-20ish depending on length, they take a long time to do, and anything fancy or unique (or super complicated) I think is like $30-35, because of material price + how long it takes to make. Shipping is basically however much it costs to ship, which means I have to package and weigh them. Ew, more work.

My bracelets are gonna be pretty cheap, since they're much easier to knit and I can churn out a pile in a few hours. Beanbags, I still have no idea, I'm thinking like $7 for the big nice ones and $5 for the regular nice ones. They take more time to sew + fabric + cost of rice stuffing.

Lastly, everything else. My sister still hates me with a burning passion, and has been demanding my mom to throw me out of the house, but at least I recovered all my stolen items (for like the third time), except two boxes of jewelry, including the handmade earrings/necklace graduation present by a best friend of mine, what I wore to formal dances/graduation, and some things from my trip to Europe.

On a happier note, I just celebrated my one-month anniversary with my BF, two days ago. Sometimes it seems like we've been going out for months and other days it seems like it's only been a week or two. He agrees. Not that I'm complaining, I love every minute of it, and he does too.

Lastly, I did promise myself that I'd pimp a REALLY REALLY OLD FIC of mine (aka the only one I've actually written). It's almost two years old now. And then ask my f-list for reviews. Because I got positive feedback from Assassin Chat which made me feel like maybe it's time to share this with people. Also, read to the end before judging, kthx. (It's part dream-based, part music-inspired, and I actually like it. Worked hard on it during school to get the prose just right without sounding ridiculous.)

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Well, today was interesting enough, and it's not even dinner time yet.

Went to the recruiter's office after holding steady at my current weight for over a week now.
After I was taped/measured, I was told that not only had I lost 1/3 of my needed weight, but I cut the BMI I need to drop by half! 3% left to go, BOOYA. So that's like.. another 10 lbs, but I'm aiming for 15 just because I wanna see that number drop really nicely. >:D I go back in a month or so from today to get checked for (hopefully) the final time.

Also, I have a really amazing boyfriend now. As of tomorrow, we'll be dating for two weeks, although we've both agreed that it feels more like a month or two. He's amazing, sweet, incredibly supportive (knowing from the start that the National Guard/boot camp is important to me, even though it means like 5 months being gone), and he and I share so much in common - I'm getting him hooked on Doctor Who, then Dollhouse and the Buffyverse, and he's gonna finish BSG with me and maybe start another series after that.

My best friend left for college two days ago. It's five hours away, so we probably won't be seeing a lot of each other apart from a weekend here or there, or holidays, but we do have Skype and I've promised to keep her updated on life back at home. Almost everyone I know is already at college or will be before the week is up, and it's hard just staying at home while they're all busy - but I do have college ready after boot camp is over, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Oh, and I've been knitting. LIKE CRAZY. I finished a scarf I'd been working on for a while, completed a long skinny scarf, made a placemat thing for hot dishes, started working on a nice thick scarf, and then started work on a cute autumn-themed scarf. All in the last 48 hours. I'm starting out making things I can sell (you know, that whole 'college' thing), and then end up loving what I've spent the last forever on so much that I don't wanna give it away. So I figure I'll just make multiple of whatever and keep one for me. Or do fairly simple commissions or something (like my awesome Rent scarf that shouldn't take too long to make another). No idea how to branch that out on the internets for sale just yet, and not too sure on how to price them all, but I'll get there. I may post pictures of the stuff I've made so far, it's starting to fill one of my drawers. xD

Well, that's about it for now. Any advice as far as selling the knitted stuff would be more than appreciated.
I am alive and well, thankfully. Haven't dropped off the face of the planet just yet. :)


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