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May. 25th, 2011 11:14 pm
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Fandom news: I am rockin' a lot of these [ profile] whedonland challenges (or at least, a lot more than I normally can do). Almost done with a fanmix and 40/100 Whedon villain-themed icons for the WL Big Bang, due Monday. Aaaand this is what I do in my downtime at home you guys.

RL: Hung out with a good friend this afternoon, we watched some of Into The Woods and played/sung lots of Glee and other musical stuff in the car, got some italian ice, and went around looking at CDs in various stores. It was fun. :D

Got home and discovered I had a call from somewhere I applied to and now I'm interviewing tomorrow for a job! It's a photography place for kids/families inside a Babies R Us store, but hey. I'm good with people and great with a camera, imho. Super excited. Also found out the waitressing position I didn't get was filled by one of my friends in my graduating class. Lawl. At least it was someone awesome for the job that I lost out to.

I'm handling the breakup fairly well so far although it's still kinda hurting. Living at home still sucks and I keep being reminded of this at least a few times every day, but I'm keeping my head up and wading through the muck to get to whatever comes next. I have some good friends who keep me from going insane, and I thank them. xD

Internet isn't cutting out a whole lot nor for long amounts of time anymore, which is good. I'm rather addicted to Gardens of Time on Facebook, which is like the only game I play on there, but it's fun. It's a puzzle/find-the-item game in various levels and areas of history, and you're working with Time Agents, and you have a 'garden' that you can decorate with things to increase your points/level/etc to unlock more but it's really nifty you guys. HERE'S MINE.

Thinking about playing the LJ game with the sim hospital because it sounds like Theme Hospital which remains to this day one of my fave PC games in the world. Does anyone play any of these games? If yes, what's your opinion? If no, go do it now omg.
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Between marathoning Dollhouse 2x04 through 2x13 in less than a day with [ profile] chibichimera (we stayed up until almost 7am to finish, woo) and the roller coaster ride of awesome, but having all of that emotional drainage with Mellie and Boyd and Topher oh Topher *hugs icon*, then coming home and watching the Castle season finale which ripped me open just as easily, and then House and seeing that ending, it's like...

I need to stop feeling for a while cause it hurts. I tend to have immediate visceral reactions to things and the Dollhouse finale drains me slowly and emotionally until the last moment but House.. watching him do the self-surgery, I was clutching my leg and trying to hold my breath and not look at the television. My leg is still twinging from thinking about it too much.

Now to try and do my [ profile] whedonland fandom scavenger hunt before the deadline, since I won't be here tomorrow to do it. They're just piling on challenges! XD
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This took about four hours to create as an entry, thanks to all the hunting I had to do. SO worth it, even if it's nearly 2:30am now.

Decided to go back and find good moments of my past Mafia games - the one where Wash was an assassin with River and was totally leading on Simon and Zoe, the (only?) one where I was Giles, the one where Wash and Simon get drunk, the one where events were so epic that it led to a full-on crack!ship and a banner to commemorate the Wash/Simon/Illyria ship (and my headdesking a lot) or the reaaaaally early game where [ profile] lias9 was assassin!Zoe and was trying to double-cross me and then things went wild.

If any of the players in my f-list have any good stories/memories, please comment!

EDIT: I've only gone through that one jjmafia game, but I believe I've covered all the ones I was in for whedonland. I'll have to go find the other mafia comms and games, if I'm even able to, like the Villains one or speed games, but if anyone who tracked entire mafia posts still have links in their notification area, that'd be awesome.

What I've found so far:

My first mafia game as Giles (I do believe it was my second or third Whedonland game)
*Unfortunately, I was killed on day one or two or something, but being a ghost was nice. Also had [ profile] harbek as a great Topher, which I really miss.
Giles/Adelle and Adelle/Simon. Heee.
A great little moment for Giles.
Simon and River. <33333
Somewhere along the line... someone decided that Justin Beiber must clearly have been an assassin. So there were votes and speculation about him. XD

One of many wlcaritas games, but memorable to me for this:
*Note: Wash is an assassin, River's an assassin, Simon's a healer, Illyria's a mason, and I remember doing my best to skip Wash around Simon during the day and be bffs while asking to keep him alive in assassin chat (because I love [ profile] lias9 so dang much as Simon) - and according to some, Wash getting "jealous" of what became the Simon/Illyria ship.
Day 8: Wash and Simon go to the bar - following the death of Zoe.. and Drusilla shows up
This is just a cute drunk!Wash moment..
Day 9: Wash sees Dru
Day 10: Simon's the seer. (Again.) Wash and Simon have an adorbs moment.
Night 14: Wash dies and there's Simon/Wash insanity and tempertantrums. In-character. <3
Night 15a: Simon and Wash snarkage.
Night 15b: more snark!
Day 16a: ghost!Wash vs ghost!Illyria
Day 16b: more snarkage and OOC
Day 17: ghost!Wash and Simon and ghost!Illyria

My awesome shiny banner by [ profile] sucksucksmile/Anya after it was all done with. (All the assassins got one and we even gave one to Simon for being an honorary assassin, I think.)

The clubjj Mafia game of epic
* Basically, the game was dragging on so long that I felt we were all just waiting for it to be over, but didn't want to be bad sports and arbitrarily quit or declare game over. So Wash gets stressed and eventually just snaps and becomes evil. It was a lot of fun and helped lighten the mood a lot, plus it gave us something to focus on after voting.
Part 1: Wash snaps.
Part 2: The kidnapping goes weird
Part 3: surprise!Jayne and lightsabers. Also probably the only time I can use the phrase "I'm a leaf on the wind" as a threat.
Part 4: Second Notice
Part 5: Goodbye, Penny.

The dates of this thing were June 9-13th, 2010. I had to go SO far back in the archives for this one. ..what the heck HOW was that only almost a year ago?? It feels like at least two years omg. WE'RE ABOUT TO HAVE OUR ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY DATE. I'm almost positive that this was my very first Whedonland mafia game, so it's special. Introduced me to a lot of mafia friends, and looking back I now see a lot of familiar names in the rosters. Ah, good times. <3
Oooh, and [ profile] harbek as Claire?! Totally forgot about that, but re-reading it it's just as epic as I remember. I believe [ profile] kasiopeia was our very fun Jayne, too. :D

Here's a bit of Zoe/Wash. Still trying to find what made it so good.
Hee. Short but adorbs. <33
Zoe/Wash FTW
Wash getting defensive.
And then I think this is where Zoe's player starts thinking Wash is setting her up.
Oooh. Here's some great Topher/Claire interaction. [ profile] harbek and [ profile] afrocurl make it look easy. <333
The last day thread. Wash is scattered in there quite a lot with Zoe and River and all.
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 Was gonna update last night before all hell broke loose - the start of a migraine that lasted from 11pm to 6pm the next day. I slept from 5-11am and it was still there.

So anyways. I've been busy the last two weeks, both on and off-line.

- introduced my oldest friend to the Fifth Doctor (and Adric) via sleepover involving marathons of Castrovalva and Four to Doomsday. She loved them and we snarked our way through. Also introduced her to Eight with the TV Movie (she loves him now too) and a gift of a CD of most of S1 EDAs. In-between that we marathoned the last eight Dollhouse episodes of S1 that she hadn't seen yet. So that's a grand total of 13 hours of awesome. We were up until 5-6am before we crashed and finished the last three hours after dinner.

- finished babysitting for my coworker as she's moved to SC. Said goodbye to her and her little boy, and I'll miss them both. She said she considered me family, which means a lot. I watched him learn how to walk over the course of a few months, and he mimics me saying "all gone" when I finish giving him meals and ushering him out of the kitchen - I  mean, that'll stay with me forever. <3
- decided to finally jump into a Mafia game at [ profile] whedonland which I'm incredibly excited about. It starts tomorrow. I'm Wash, and the cast list has both [ profile] lias9  and [ profile] sourpony , so that's exciting. :D
- finally watched Caves of Androzani all the way through with [ profile] harbek and [ profile] spoofmaster late at night and had a great time. Despite it being Fivey's last serial and all. He really is badass, even when in pain/dying. I then made this to commemorate it.

- got through the Big Finish Doctor Who EDA 2x06 (I think), Grand Theft Cosmos and I'm really loving Lucie being Eight's companion. A LOT. So with quite a bit of encouragement, I app'd her for RP at [ profile] brb_gallifrey as [ profile] ohgodcrocodiles . It's a bit nervewracking and exciting all in one, especially since she's my first Doctor Who character (and non-Whedon character) to play - and my first relaxed-yet-structured RP comm, if it works out.
(I'm usually Wash - [ profile] shinydinosaurs and I've also played Giles - [ profile] ripperthegreat in mafias and silly cracky things.)

- THIS over at SWS with Wash. It's so adorable!
- And THIS at SWS with Giles. LOOOOVE.
I have been updating my two TV-related posts as needed. I'm doing really well on the 500 episodes a year so far (It's only mid-March and I'm on #109 now) as well as the what I watch post. I've already started/finished all of IT Crowd this year alone (although I hear rumors of a series 5) as well as The Cape (except the unaired episode), and Secret Diary of a Call Girl will be ending in a week.
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For a [ profile] whedonland challenge.
Nothing fancy, but I'm still learning.

Featuring our favorite rebel librarian )
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 Created for a [ profile] whedonland challenge as a collaboration with [info]undrheavenskies. 

The mix basically has a main focus on love that was not meant to be, or what could-have-been, under normal circumstances. So it's not your typical romantic ship music, but it's lovely and sad and we think these songs fit the pairing and situation quite nicely.

Follow the cut... )
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A Hole In The World
- a 68-screencap picspam

Fred is my favorite female character from Angel (Amy Acker is brilliant as Fred and Illyria) Fred was always funny, full of life, and absolutely brilliant. Her death hit hard but it brought forth so much more during the final season through Illyria, whose subsequent interactions with Angel and the gang (notably Wesley and Spike) were fascinating to watch.

Picspam here )

Spike: There's a hole in the world. Feels like we ought to have known.

Fred: Would you have loved me?
Wesley: I've loved you since I've known you. No, that's not-I think maybe even before.

Fred: Cavemen win. Of course the cavemen win.

Fred: My boys. I walk with heroes. Think about that.
Wesley: You are one.
Fred: Superhero. And this is my power: to not let them take me. Not me.

Fred: Why can't I stay?


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