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Originally posted by [ profile] moerlin at As of tomorrow, no more subject lines in comments on LJ
I was gonna update this with much happier stuff, but for the past week I've just been so enraged with LJ's asshattery that I've had it to here.

In case you didn't know, on 12/12 they first announced sneakily on the Russian journal of LJ's design guy that with new changes being implemented tomorrow, there will be no more subject lines in comments and that this change was "non-negotiable" (good round-up and translation here). I'm sure you all realize that this will basically make fandom and RP communities unusable. LJ's staff, however, doesn't give a shit. At least 18 pages of 100% negative feedback didn't sway them.

They've backpedaled some and will make keeping comment subject lines optional in some S2 styles, but the default (that 99% of communities are running right now) will decidedly be subject-less! Not to mention that their new and frankly, fucking ugly design will take forever to load and make the site a pain to use on mobile browsers.

And oh, it looks like they might be taking away the drop-down menu to select icons as well, so you'll have to load all your icons as pictures to select them. Lovely. (I will beta-test tonight to see if this is actually true.)

Really, I don't know why I'm surprised. LJ is always fucking with the parts of the site that actually work and breaking them, so this is just another instance of that. Because seriously, who are subject lines hurting by just being there? (And no, it can't be a matter of server strain, considering the new "graphic" interface will definitely be using up more resources - so much fun when there's DDoS attacks!)
As far as I know, they've never once listened to their customers, so those thousands of comments already posted probably won't do shit. I've left a message expressing my concerns about the new comment pages here anyway; so if you want to do that too, go for it! If anything, it helps with the rage. ;)

FYI: Dreamwidth is feeling Christmasy has reacted to LJ's bullshit and has open account creation (no invite codes needed) for the rest of the week. Might be a good idea to get your back-up or new home, whatever the case may be, up and running now.

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I've been three episodes behind and literally only started 3x05 a minute ago, but from what I see, the premise of this episode is YOU SUCK AS ACTORS AND CAN'T PORTRAY EMOTION AND PASSION PROPERLY CAUSE YOU NEVER HAD SEX. This is essentially what Artie is saying to Blaine and Rachel. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. *dislike*

"Can I be honest? This song is about sexual awakening, as is the entire musical. You two lack passion. Have either of you two actually... Look, I remember my first time with Britney, the excitement, the way it made me feel like a man..." "Look, as your friend I support your strange aversion to fun, but as your director I'm concerned." "Well, how do you expect to convey the human experience to an audience when you haven't even opened yourself up to one of humanity's most basic and primal ones?"


Also seriously the myriad of things you could do with this episode WHY THIS.

As soon as I finish watching the episode I can see where they were going with this, but right now I'm just pissed off.

cut for my thoughts and possible ranting )

EDIT: Okay so it wasn't AS BAD as I thought based on the opening premise but stiiiiiill. :/
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So I got an email a while ago, was meaning to share it purely for the lulz. It was worded differently and I couldn't resist the urge to reply back. I'm horrible. >:D

Also note this email had like five lines of space between every paragraph, so I'm gonna cut that out to save you all the f-list spamming, funnily enough.


Dear friend, cut to save space )

Yeah, so far no reply, but it made me laugh. I'll keep you posted.


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