Mar. 15th, 2011

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 Was gonna update last night before all hell broke loose - the start of a migraine that lasted from 11pm to 6pm the next day. I slept from 5-11am and it was still there.

So anyways. I've been busy the last two weeks, both on and off-line.

- introduced my oldest friend to the Fifth Doctor (and Adric) via sleepover involving marathons of Castrovalva and Four to Doomsday. She loved them and we snarked our way through. Also introduced her to Eight with the TV Movie (she loves him now too) and a gift of a CD of most of S1 EDAs. In-between that we marathoned the last eight Dollhouse episodes of S1 that she hadn't seen yet. So that's a grand total of 13 hours of awesome. We were up until 5-6am before we crashed and finished the last three hours after dinner.

- finished babysitting for my coworker as she's moved to SC. Said goodbye to her and her little boy, and I'll miss them both. She said she considered me family, which means a lot. I watched him learn how to walk over the course of a few months, and he mimics me saying "all gone" when I finish giving him meals and ushering him out of the kitchen - I  mean, that'll stay with me forever. <3
- decided to finally jump into a Mafia game at [ profile] whedonland which I'm incredibly excited about. It starts tomorrow. I'm Wash, and the cast list has both [ profile] lias9  and [ profile] sourpony , so that's exciting. :D
- finally watched Caves of Androzani all the way through with [ profile] harbek and [ profile] spoofmaster late at night and had a great time. Despite it being Fivey's last serial and all. He really is badass, even when in pain/dying. I then made this to commemorate it.

- got through the Big Finish Doctor Who EDA 2x06 (I think), Grand Theft Cosmos and I'm really loving Lucie being Eight's companion. A LOT. So with quite a bit of encouragement, I app'd her for RP at [ profile] brb_gallifrey as [ profile] ohgodcrocodiles . It's a bit nervewracking and exciting all in one, especially since she's my first Doctor Who character (and non-Whedon character) to play - and my first relaxed-yet-structured RP comm, if it works out.
(I'm usually Wash - [ profile] shinydinosaurs and I've also played Giles - [ profile] ripperthegreat in mafias and silly cracky things.)

- THIS over at SWS with Wash. It's so adorable!
- And THIS at SWS with Giles. LOOOOVE.
I have been updating my two TV-related posts as needed. I'm doing really well on the 500 episodes a year so far (It's only mid-March and I'm on #109 now) as well as the what I watch post. I've already started/finished all of IT Crowd this year alone (although I hear rumors of a series 5) as well as The Cape (except the unaired episode), and Secret Diary of a Call Girl will be ending in a week.


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