May. 25th, 2011


May. 25th, 2011 11:14 pm
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Fandom news: I am rockin' a lot of these [ profile] whedonland challenges (or at least, a lot more than I normally can do). Almost done with a fanmix and 40/100 Whedon villain-themed icons for the WL Big Bang, due Monday. Aaaand this is what I do in my downtime at home you guys.

RL: Hung out with a good friend this afternoon, we watched some of Into The Woods and played/sung lots of Glee and other musical stuff in the car, got some italian ice, and went around looking at CDs in various stores. It was fun. :D

Got home and discovered I had a call from somewhere I applied to and now I'm interviewing tomorrow for a job! It's a photography place for kids/families inside a Babies R Us store, but hey. I'm good with people and great with a camera, imho. Super excited. Also found out the waitressing position I didn't get was filled by one of my friends in my graduating class. Lawl. At least it was someone awesome for the job that I lost out to.

I'm handling the breakup fairly well so far although it's still kinda hurting. Living at home still sucks and I keep being reminded of this at least a few times every day, but I'm keeping my head up and wading through the muck to get to whatever comes next. I have some good friends who keep me from going insane, and I thank them. xD

Internet isn't cutting out a whole lot nor for long amounts of time anymore, which is good. I'm rather addicted to Gardens of Time on Facebook, which is like the only game I play on there, but it's fun. It's a puzzle/find-the-item game in various levels and areas of history, and you're working with Time Agents, and you have a 'garden' that you can decorate with things to increase your points/level/etc to unlock more but it's really nifty you guys. HERE'S MINE.

Thinking about playing the LJ game with the sim hospital because it sounds like Theme Hospital which remains to this day one of my fave PC games in the world. Does anyone play any of these games? If yes, what's your opinion? If no, go do it now omg.


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