Jun. 5th, 2011

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So I've gotten all craftsy lately. Decided to start work on a mesh bag that can hold my yarn or something or just look really cool, and then decided I REALLY want to finally start my cross-stitch learnings. So went and got a little DIY kit and it's coming along great (just need to add the outline and I'm done). I actually think I love it more than I ever thought I did.  It's really relaxing (except when you totally mess up a bit) and doesn't hurt my wrists or fingers and I can get through something small in a few hours. Which is good, cause I've had a ton of cross-stitch projects just sitting on my computer begging to be done and one of them is for a friend's new baby.

I also bought a pair of size US 50 knitting needles, because they were on sale and I've always wanted some. Even if they are bright cherry-red. (For the 95% of my f-list who don't know what that means, they look like these green ones and you can knit like 3-4 strands of yarn together at a time depending on thickness.)

And then I looked up other things because I'm insane like that, and based off of about 300 reviews I must have read, I've settled on this near the top of my wishlist: Except not this version and not with these really ugly pictures on it.  I'm not gonna make sweaters to start, but I'd love to do a blanket or poncho or something flat first. 
Someone tell me I've lost my marbles already. 

I start my new job on Tuesday at noon, which is super exciting. I really should write up my two-weeks notice letter and take it to my old boss tomorrow. *shiftyeyes* She's a bit sketch when it comes to stuff so hopefully this will go over smoothly.
I've also decided I'll do an easy cosplay of Faith from BtVS at the Serenity/Dr Horrible event next week, and a super-secret-awesome possible cosplay in the works for if I go to Dragon*Con which will probably take up a decent  portion of my free time this summer to make.



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