Jun. 14th, 2011

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I have no idea what I just watched.

Yay, Netflix! Maybe I'm just too tired from how late it was when I finished, but I figure if I understand very little about the plot of the movie by the time the credits roll, either I should go to bed or the filmmakers need to be more concise or something,

It's from like 1991, and it's a really small-budget film, I can tell. it's somewhat slow-paced but generally well-done to suit that style (the cinematography was great and the way certain scenes were shot avoided what would otherwise be a really cheesy or fake-looking moment). David Thewlis is in it with a minor role, but what made me totally sit through it was a yoouuung Paul McGann. With a really pretty voice. And face. :D

Apart from that, nothing really made much sense at first. It's also almost 2am right now. Thanks to IMDb boards I understood a bit more about the interesting mindtrip I just went on. It's definitely creepy but has a two-tone feel to it that I don't even know if it's supposed to reconcile or not. There's this whole thing between seeing/not seeing, imagination vs reality, and his view of the world vs everyone else. It's very bizarre and unsettling and incredibly cerebral, but I think I liked it well enough.

I can understand that it's not listed on TV Tropes but it doesn't even seem to have a Wikipedia page. That's how unknown this thing is.
EDIT: Well, actually it does but it tells you like literally nothing about it other than it's a French-British drama film with PMG listed as the third-main actor in it. Here's the trailer, please excuse the awful voiceover. Paul McGann shows up around 0:19 seconds in with a line, at 0:46 for a second although he's rather..different in that one, and another line at 1:11. <333

I'd definitely watch it at least once if you like mind-trippy, psychological horror, slower-paced, cerebral movies. Other ones that remind me of this as far as pacing and style (just more famous) are The Sixth Sense, The Good Son, Donnie Darko, eXistenZ (only that one's incredibly graphic and gore-fest), and Hitchcock movies.

The next movie I'll probably watch tomorrow night is another recommended to me as psychological thriller. It's called Dark Harbor, with Alan Rickman as a lead character.


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