Aug. 21st, 2011

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So when I woke up I was pretty sure it was Monday. :/

Also I found out if I pass English then I gotta take minimum of two more credit hours to keep my financial aid the way it is (and I like the way it is). Unfortunately, all the stuff I reaaally wanted to take (American Sign Language, ballroom dancing) was either full or during a time that I already had class. So I'm gonna take a Martial Arts class instead and just play around with my schedule to fit it. Which is less interesting than ballroom dancing but more interesting than another English class or learning how to wield metal or something.

I honestly don't even know what day it is anymore, just that I have to go to to work today, again. Uuuugh.

I do have this one worry already about college though. Basically, I don't believe in evolution, the big bang, whatever... and I've never had to take a class advocating it or teaching it as fact before. My history class might not be too terribly bad once we get past that part, although the teacher seems fairly strict when it comes to policies and such (no water bottle? seriously? D: ), but I know Biology will cover it a lot - my teacher for biology is super nice and even gave us all opportunity to write down and give her our thoughts on what might worry us about the class or what we have problems with, basically. So hopefully I can work through that as I get to it.

Also I got up through episode 9 of s3 BSG. aaah it's so fantabulous and so many moments making me all happy and warm inside. I'll do my homework and study every day (once I get my assignments) and then reward myself with an episode when I'm done. <33333

Anywho, work soon. I miss talking to all my WL family and friends on LJ. Unfortunately, no matter how slow my job is on any day, we don't have any internet. :(


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