Oct. 6th, 2011

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Because I'm a dork and laughed way too much at this joke, and cause education-related humor is fun. Also because this is more fun to read than a rant on how I have the dumbest class/group/presentation ever. due Friday, and I'm the only one who's done any (read: all) the work.

If you don't get it, read it again. XD

In unrelated news, I need more iconspace, cause this is just getting ridiculous. :P
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My little sister is trying out for the school musical, and although she knows she won't get to be Belle (she's in 6th grade and it's the high school musical, but they need chorus people and the dancing animated objects and stuff) she's determined to find a song to blow the teacher away during auditions.

Her: I need a great song!
Me: You're.. what, you're an alto?
Her: I don't know
Me: .....okaay, well... try this, can you sing this?
Her: No..
Me: Well, you're an alto then, or at least the 11 year old version.
Her: Are you?
Me: No, I'm a soprano. Means I can sing a lot higher than you. Also means all my favorite pieces won't work for you.
Her: What about this one?
Me: Errr.. I'd go with a song where the singing style isn't so distinct, plus you hear that song every time you turn on the radio. *searches for some alto songs*
*after ten minutes in iTunes*

Me: You're an alto, mom's an alto, Jen (our other sister) is an alto... You're like a whole different musical species!

And then I find some of Sherie Rene Scott's songs from Last 5 Years, thank heavens, but I don't think she likes how slow they are. Or anything from Chess or 'I Dreamed A Dream' which is totally an alto song... oh well. I remember all my auditions, and the song has to be approved as school-appropriate (as well as the musical it's from - with the exception of Les Mis, we love that one so much we overlook the sketchy songs like Lovely Ladies) so that really rules out a lot of potential songs. xD


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