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...wherein I attempt to watch new movies this year and see how far I get.

Definitely less intense than the television meme, and I've got a better structure for this one, even, because listing by the day I saw it is pointless.

For the sake of argument, TV movies count (otherwise I would be shelling out ridiculous amounts of money), miniseries do not, and I'm thinking about letting film adaptation of plays count, because they're long enough and also because of the Tennant/Tate Much Ado About Nothing. (Tennant's Hamlet was on stage but filmed as a legitimate movie so hey).

Also, it's my meme and I'm allowed to make the rules.


* movie that was/will be released in 2012
italics movies I plan to see this year

January (2)
Black Swan
Baz Luhrman's Romeo & Juliet


*War Horse
*Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
*Sherlock Holmes 2
*The Hunger Games
*The Hobbit
* The Avengers
*Cabin in the Woods
?Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing
The Muppets
V For Vendetta
Tree of Life

..the rest of Star Wars which is probably like over half of them um.

I'M MORE THAN OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS FOR MOVIES GUYS. Or play along with your own LJ and I'll come check it out! Movie watch-alongs are especially fun so if you feel you have the need to be the first person ever I watch a specific movie with, let me know.
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I have a feeling I'll be able to do this without too much of a problem, with all the new stuff I'm watching/catching up on lately, so why not. Just have to remember to update. xD Not gonna count repeats. (Stolen from [ profile] harbek  .)

Without further ado... )

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I didn't make it to my ridiculous goal of 500 new episodes of television in 2011, but I darn near got close with an official count of 410. (It would probably be more like 425 due to numerous Colbert Report episodes I never counted but hey.)

This list includes: click to see my most-watched shows of 2011 + stats )

Anything else I should be doing stats for?
Total hours of television watched, I'm kinda intimidated by the idea of summing that up..
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^^ srsly, click! :D ^^

To everyone who supports during the time frame via seeing this (I'm talking to you, entire f-list, sleeper Actives, curious folk, and people who clicked here by mistake), comment here after you've supported my wonderful team and you will receive icons of your favorite thing ever!

And if we win, you all get a banner from me for your profile saying you participated. As long as your comment is both here and on that support page before 11pm EST.

Re-copy this code and post it into your public journal to aid us with our help (and let me know) and you will get an actual postcard from yours truly with my thanks (or if you prefer, from one of the many characters currently inhabiting my head)


May. 25th, 2011 11:14 pm
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Fandom news: I am rockin' a lot of these [ profile] whedonland challenges (or at least, a lot more than I normally can do). Almost done with a fanmix and 40/100 Whedon villain-themed icons for the WL Big Bang, due Monday. Aaaand this is what I do in my downtime at home you guys.

RL: Hung out with a good friend this afternoon, we watched some of Into The Woods and played/sung lots of Glee and other musical stuff in the car, got some italian ice, and went around looking at CDs in various stores. It was fun. :D

Got home and discovered I had a call from somewhere I applied to and now I'm interviewing tomorrow for a job! It's a photography place for kids/families inside a Babies R Us store, but hey. I'm good with people and great with a camera, imho. Super excited. Also found out the waitressing position I didn't get was filled by one of my friends in my graduating class. Lawl. At least it was someone awesome for the job that I lost out to.

I'm handling the breakup fairly well so far although it's still kinda hurting. Living at home still sucks and I keep being reminded of this at least a few times every day, but I'm keeping my head up and wading through the muck to get to whatever comes next. I have some good friends who keep me from going insane, and I thank them. xD

Internet isn't cutting out a whole lot nor for long amounts of time anymore, which is good. I'm rather addicted to Gardens of Time on Facebook, which is like the only game I play on there, but it's fun. It's a puzzle/find-the-item game in various levels and areas of history, and you're working with Time Agents, and you have a 'garden' that you can decorate with things to increase your points/level/etc to unlock more but it's really nifty you guys. HERE'S MINE.

Thinking about playing the LJ game with the sim hospital because it sounds like Theme Hospital which remains to this day one of my fave PC games in the world. Does anyone play any of these games? If yes, what's your opinion? If no, go do it now omg.
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Mostly a list for me to refer back to (I like ticky boxes!) but also you guys can poke me and prod me and make sure I'm not on here until I've accomplished my goals for the day. So yeah.

Major priority: have at least 15-20 puppets done by the morning of Saturday, April 9 (the due date). 'Cause the more I make, the more I have to sell!
Ideally I'd like to see 25, meaning I'd need to complete five per day (aka something like ~ 8-10 hours of work per day - which I really don't see happening). x_X I have three completely done now, two bodies done minus parts, and one body ready to be assembled. So basically by tomorrow I'll have six done. YES I AM A BODY FACTORY WHY DO YOU ASK.

I think I could easily do three a day, though, if I'm working on them all throughout the day and not just in one clump that would make me want to scream.

April 5 - take mom and grandpa on errands (yay driving, I actually enjoy it), go see friend and streak my hair pink with her (yes you heard me right, pink) and be awesome in general, finish the 3 puppets, make at least 3 more puppets (and listen to Lucie audios!)

April 6 - make sure I do my pimpage for [ profile] whedonland, start on [ profile] brb_gallifrey anniversary shenanigans, continue w/puppets and audios. Also go get bus tickets reserved. (They're super chill about everything, whee ghetto bus, I think the bus was like maybe 3/4 filled last time? Plus we had people just sort of showing up and paying and getting on that night.)

April 7 - continue on brb_g sekkrit stuffs, puppets, editing and finishing list of things to pack for NYC (and other roadtrip I should hopefully be going on a day after I get back)

April 8 - PUPPETS LIKE WHOA HI THERE. Get as many as completed as possible and at least make a bunch of bodies to work on at the festival (adding parts doesn't take as long)

April 9 - Alpaca festival! Working there, hopefully selling some knitted things (sadly, not taking my jewelry with me) and the puppets should do really well, and then crashing when I get home. And then starting on packing.

April 10 - PAAAACK. After all, I'm leaving that night/Monday at 12:30am for NYC! :D

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For a [ profile] whedonland challenge.
Nothing fancy, but I'm still learning.

Featuring our favorite rebel librarian )
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 Created for a [ profile] whedonland challenge as a collaboration with [info]undrheavenskies. 

The mix basically has a main focus on love that was not meant to be, or what could-have-been, under normal circumstances. So it's not your typical romantic ship music, but it's lovely and sad and we think these songs fit the pairing and situation quite nicely.

Follow the cut... )
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So yeah. I've got the most on Diamond right now, and I'd like to get another chunk completed before Black/White comes out and I get even more behind. If the Pokemon name is in italics/not listed, I haven't even seen it in the game yet.

If any Pokemon geeks with wifi are out there, I'd love your help. I can breed just about anything that's not listed here, basically, and I don't mind hatching eggs given to me but it's such a pain. For some of the rarer non-legendary Pokemon, it'd be great if you just gave me an egg, or at the very least did a double-trade.

(Updated Nov. 25, 2010)
Seen: 375/493
Obtained: 285 307 331

LJ-cutting for your sanity.

(egg) - I can hatch this from another evolution. Lowest priority.
(evolve) - I can evolve the previous form to get this. Medium priority, as it takes time.
(SS) - I can trade this over from my SoulSilver game. Higher priority, as I don't have a secondary DS system readily available.

Pokemon I've seen in-game but need )
Pokemon I haven't seen in-game )

I think I'm gonna pull out some GBA games and see how far I need to go in those before I can start transferring Pokemon over. I wanna at least get all the legendaries/needed/version-exclusive Pokemon before I do mass-dumping into my Diamond/Platinum/SS games, since it's irreversible. And then when that is finally completed, I can put my DS Lite towards the price of a 3DS in March/whenever I get back from boot camp.

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A Hole In The World
- a 68-screencap picspam

Fred is my favorite female character from Angel (Amy Acker is brilliant as Fred and Illyria) Fred was always funny, full of life, and absolutely brilliant. Her death hit hard but it brought forth so much more during the final season through Illyria, whose subsequent interactions with Angel and the gang (notably Wesley and Spike) were fascinating to watch.

Picspam here )

Spike: There's a hole in the world. Feels like we ought to have known.

Fred: Would you have loved me?
Wesley: I've loved you since I've known you. No, that's not-I think maybe even before.

Fred: Cavemen win. Of course the cavemen win.

Fred: My boys. I walk with heroes. Think about that.
Wesley: You are one.
Fred: Superhero. And this is my power: to not let them take me. Not me.

Fred: Why can't I stay?


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