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Good news: This is finals week for college so my mind's a bit scattered but after that, I've got lots of free time on my hands and I've been fighting stress by stitching a lot. And the complements from college people are really motivational.
I also have an 89 in my test average for math which is amazing. No idea what my total grade so far is but shouldn't be lower than an 80.

Bad news: I frikkin got fired from my job after all that hard work busting my ass running that studio - and the district manager never asked for my side on anything, just sent a message to the temp manager at my studio who'd been there a few weeks and told her to let me go. :| :| :|
So woo, no stable income and next semester is creeping up on me in exactly a month. Also I totally just sprained the top of my foot and walking on it is painful as hell. I'll get a bandage wrap for it tomorrow and then time to hunt for the crutches if it's like this Wednesday.

Other good news: I'm probably going to start making really awesome things with my geeky stitchery and selling it on like Etsy and local markets and stuff. Anything from magnets to pendants to phone charms or maybe even keychains - I have a feeling that a good deal of this will be commissioned because I can do literally anything with the finished piece and I can make it exactly how you want it. So if there's something you have in mind, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

As far as actual pricing, I have some guidelines in mind but I haven't bought any of the jewelry/charm/magnet/felt stuff which will probably need to be factored in. Once I know how much that will run me, I'll be able to list fair prices and all the other logistics.

And now, I bring you the awesome.

Mew, Shuckle, Pikachu, and Lugia

Lugia is what I'd consider a large sprite for obvious reasons. Took three hours to make, everyone else came in around two hours.

Pokeballs, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and a Cascade Badge.

Each one of these took an hour to make - the Pokeballs would be excellent necklaces, magnets, or phone charms, for example. I also plan on making the Master Ball to complete the original pokeball set and then get the colors to make all the original badges.

surprise!non-Pokemon geekery: Rupees (Legend of Zelda)

The picture quality here is the best I could do but I assure you they are vibrantly colored and look fantastic in person. I can do SO much with these (they'll be individual pieces) so it's gonna be fun to experiment. Three hours total to stitch.

I also have a really cool Zelda-inspired project I'm working on for [ profile] harbek and [ profile] gildedmuse and myself that the former gave me some great suggestions for during a four hour chat to make it even more awesome, and when it's properly set up I'll start posting pictures. Again, very customizable.

AND WHY STOP HERE? There's only eighty bajillion different video games I can work with, more than a few fandoms that lend themselves to sprite-friendly things (Fezzes! Mario! TARDIS!) and I've already gotten a request from a friend to make a phone charm of a character from Adventure Time. Hah. :P
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Text stolen/modified shamelessly from [ profile] maratini with permission. <3

Post is public and comments are screened by default - anything with addresses/personal info in them will stay hidden.

I'm sending cards out again this year! Leave me your address to get a little piece of mail all your own. I did an exchange last year for Christmas/New Years/winter and it was a lot of fun and fueled my creative spirit. The sooner you comment, the more time I have to think of something cool for you. :D

- Cards will be send mid-December and will be totally generic/random. If you celebrate a holiday & would like a holiday card, please let me know. Or you can request getting some awesome postcard from who-knows where (at random from a pile of postcards I picked up all around Europe + my lovely state of Virginia), although I can't send a separate object with it is the only downside.

- Request stuff! Anything small that can fit in a regular card envelope is fine - story, haiku, doodle, handwritten letter, photograph, etc. List your top three fandoms/characters and I will see what I can do if you want to be surprised.

- I don't mind if we don't know each other very well, but I do ask that I at least know you & have interacted with you on LJ/tumblr/twitter/some other social network. (If I do know you well, expect awesome.)

- Yes, I really do like doing this. No, I don't expect anything in return. Getting something personalized in the mail is rare and fun, and the price of a stamp is a small price to pay for that.

- It doesn't matter where in the world you live, I will send you a card. Even especially if you live with unicorns.

- Addresses are kept private and I don't hang on to them after the cards are mailed. Which also means if I sent you something last year, I need your address again if you want something this year. :)
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...and it hasn't even started. @___@ WHAT. UP.


Cut because I'm being nice to my flist late at night )

In the fandom world, Lucie Miller ([ profile] ohgodcrocodiles) has settled in nicely at [ profile] brb_gallifrey and even met some new friends (and a sort-of adversary) and I'm super super excited. It's fun and addicting and totally keeps me up late at night.

Speaking of which. It's almost 1am and I have to get up at 7. Nnnnngh. @_____@

TL;DR: Don't expect to see me around the internet until like Monday. Except then I'll probably be sleeping or knitting to make up for the lost time on both. xD;

OH YEAH I FORGOT TO MENTION. MADAMA BUTTERFLY WAS EPIC. My first opera, and it's the one that's playing when the Doctor flatlines on the operating table in the TVM. I'm such a dork. And 'cause I promised some people, here's a pic.
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I watched the final Sherlock episode (for now).
It was SO. EFFING. GOOD. Episode one had me hooked from the start and I thought it would stay at the top of my favorite episode list forever... the second one was great, but episode one topped it.. and then episode three came and blew the first one away by a mile. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. I MUST HAVE MORE. NOW. SOON. PLZKTHX.
Follow the cut.. you know you want to. )
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As I continue in the games, I'll write down interesting things that happen from whoever is party leader POV.
It's your job to write drabbles, I suck. xD (Doesn't have to be the whole adventure - I consider one entry to be a prompt)

Zoe - Party Leader
April 27: We took the ferry for $5 but the wagon tipped over. Kaylee drowned and Simon is inconsolable. Of course we gave her a proper burial, it only seemed right.
May 13: Wash and Mal both get bitten by a rattlesnake. I suspect they were up to no good which is how it happened. Gave them a stern talking to while treating them.
June 29: Our celebration of 1000 miles traveled was cut short by River coming down with a bad cold.

Wash - Party Leader

Second journey )
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Plugged in my Oregon Trail (original) CD and away we go.
I just jotted down the important things for the characters, not every little detail (that'd get boring fast).

Me: Zoe
Party Members: Wash, Simon, River, Mal

You are about to embark on a journey )


Although srs, little pixel Oregon Trail wagon with something next to it would be epic. Text: "Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die?" would be hilar.
(PS: and if you do use this for anything, all I ask is a little credit and post it here, that'd be awesome.)
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So yeah. I've got the most on Diamond right now, and I'd like to get another chunk completed before Black/White comes out and I get even more behind. If the Pokemon name is in italics/not listed, I haven't even seen it in the game yet.

If any Pokemon geeks with wifi are out there, I'd love your help. I can breed just about anything that's not listed here, basically, and I don't mind hatching eggs given to me but it's such a pain. For some of the rarer non-legendary Pokemon, it'd be great if you just gave me an egg, or at the very least did a double-trade.

(Updated Nov. 25, 2010)
Seen: 375/493
Obtained: 285 307 331

LJ-cutting for your sanity.

(egg) - I can hatch this from another evolution. Lowest priority.
(evolve) - I can evolve the previous form to get this. Medium priority, as it takes time.
(SS) - I can trade this over from my SoulSilver game. Higher priority, as I don't have a secondary DS system readily available.

Pokemon I've seen in-game but need )
Pokemon I haven't seen in-game )

I think I'm gonna pull out some GBA games and see how far I need to go in those before I can start transferring Pokemon over. I wanna at least get all the legendaries/needed/version-exclusive Pokemon before I do mass-dumping into my Diamond/Platinum/SS games, since it's irreversible. And then when that is finally completed, I can put my DS Lite towards the price of a 3DS in March/whenever I get back from boot camp.

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I'm just gonna go all out and post my pictures of crafts that I made for the purpose of selling (because I'm SO keeping my RENT scarf although I might be persuaded to make more, and there's another two scarves I can't be made to part with for anything) and you guys tell me what you think of them.

Constructive criticism is loved although I'd be happy even if you just said you liked something.
Without further ado: )

So, yeah. Thoughts? ^^;
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So first off, Mafia. I'm gonna make an awesome post when it's *officially* over, dedicated to the best round yet of Whedonland mafia, with some of the weirdest stuff I've ever seen - or instigated. But I felt like I had to share my awesome gorgeous banner that [ profile] sucksucksmile made for me and our teammates. Click to see the rest, they're adorbs.

Next up, knitting.
I'm working on a TARDIS dishcloth right now, and if it goes well I've already been asked to make a scarf with that pattern on the ends for [ profile] harbek. <333

I'm also making slight progress on the Etsy front, I've taken some good pictures and now it's a matter of pricing + shipping stuff. I think basic scarves are around $15-20ish depending on length, they take a long time to do, and anything fancy or unique (or super complicated) I think is like $30-35, because of material price + how long it takes to make. Shipping is basically however much it costs to ship, which means I have to package and weigh them. Ew, more work.

My bracelets are gonna be pretty cheap, since they're much easier to knit and I can churn out a pile in a few hours. Beanbags, I still have no idea, I'm thinking like $7 for the big nice ones and $5 for the regular nice ones. They take more time to sew + fabric + cost of rice stuffing.

Lastly, everything else. My sister still hates me with a burning passion, and has been demanding my mom to throw me out of the house, but at least I recovered all my stolen items (for like the third time), except two boxes of jewelry, including the handmade earrings/necklace graduation present by a best friend of mine, what I wore to formal dances/graduation, and some things from my trip to Europe.

On a happier note, I just celebrated my one-month anniversary with my BF, two days ago. Sometimes it seems like we've been going out for months and other days it seems like it's only been a week or two. He agrees. Not that I'm complaining, I love every minute of it, and he does too.

Lastly, I did promise myself that I'd pimp a REALLY REALLY OLD FIC of mine (aka the only one I've actually written). It's almost two years old now. And then ask my f-list for reviews. Because I got positive feedback from Assassin Chat which made me feel like maybe it's time to share this with people. Also, read to the end before judging, kthx. (It's part dream-based, part music-inspired, and I actually like it. Worked hard on it during school to get the prose just right without sounding ridiculous.)

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This comes originally from [ profile] amberfocus:

Hey, everyone, I'd like to make a special request from the DW fanfic writers on my f-list. A friend of mine has told me about a little boy in her life that is eight years old. A year ago he lost his legs and he will never be able to use artificial legs. He will be confined to a wheelchair for life and he's had a really, really hard time adapting to his situation. He adores Doctor Who and Rose Tyler in particular. He's only seen seasons one and two, but it's the one thing that is helping a little bit.

My friend asked if there was anyone I knew who would be willing to write a Doctor Who story for this little boy, using a character of a heroic little boy named Jack confined to some sort of fancy space age wheelchair, perhaps a flying one, who joins the Doctor and Rose for an adventure. I write adult romance (very adult, usually) and do not feel like writing for younger children is the sort of thing I can tackle myself. I was hoping there would be someone who could tackle doing a story like this.

There is so much talent and heart in the Doctor/Rose shipping community. I've seen the outpouring of it before for Stacie and for disaster victims. Is there anyone who thinks they are up for this? Or more than one person? I'm sure one story would be awesome, but more than one would be fantastic.

I'd also like to ask that this request be spread throughout your f-lists. The more that people know about it, the better chance we'll have of at least one story to help lift this child's spirits.


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