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I wrote this short futuristic sci-fi story for a paper for my American English class last November and was cleaning out my computer and found it... I thought it was pretty good, although I don't remember exactly why we had to write it, and I think I got like a B on it for kind of missing the point of the paper or something? Anyways, I wanted to share.

March 7, 4061. That’s when it all started. )

Well, how bad was it? :P
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Honk! is actually over.
But it can't be. It just can't.

ramblings about my wonderful musical )

Am I alone with this or what?
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Yesterday: I got 6 hours of sleep, stayed up for 18+ hours - got home at 12:45 AM and went to bed at 1 AM. Today: got less than 5 hours sleep and stayed up for nearly 20. Dress rehearsals are just made of fun tiems. \o/

The rehearsal last night was good, but rough. Some tough moments (like blanking out on two lines of my solo and destroying the harmony in a duet) but was told I covered well for the former moment, (...HOW?!?)

Also, by 'good', I mean I've never had a dress rehearsal where we weren't constantly stopping for things (and this is the first show I've been part of where we actually went through the full dress/tech TWICE before the two official performances. Two days of it is WAY nice, since sometimes we've never even been able to finish a whole show during practice).

follow the cut for story time )

So why am I really stupidly staying up way later that I need to in the first place to write all this? It's cause I'm gonna forget to do it later and I'm so tired that I'm going to forget this whole thing entirely later on.
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Dang, it's been a while. I've been busy.

Here's a quick recap and a look forward to the future. It's all pretty awesome.

click this )

So that's that. I've got about 4-5 weeks, and then I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER. Fourteen years is much too long to be at the same school.

I may do some thoughts on themes in House/Glee/Doctor Who later, but it's all escaped me at the moment.
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Taking a break from packing. >_<

I just realized that my camera charger and extra battery are missing. NOT GOOD. By "missing", I mean "more-likely-that-they-have-been-stolen-by-my-sister". This has happened before. I'm still trying to find really good strategic hiding spots all over the house for important things that I can't take with me and want to find them again when I get back in two weeks.

So the soccer game today was good, but we lost by 3. I couldn't play, but I'm also the newbie on the team so that's fine. It was weird playing a rival school that had several former classmates there.
One of them is a good friend of mine, although in the last few years he's let his ego and attention-seeking or whatever it is get so huge that I can't stand it. My friends and I have been saying for a while now that he's got a knack as a pathological liar when he wants to be.
In a moment of weakness, I asked this friend if he'd like to take me to our formal school dance and he said sure, and then I get all excited and hear nothing until two weeks later, when tells me he's going to NYC that exact same day with his dad and brother. Hasn't mentioned it since.
So anyways, I saw him before the game and we talked for a good while, then he said he had to go wait for his brother to finish his weightlifting in the gym and they'd go home.

Fifteen minutes later, the game started, and OH LOOK IT'S HIS BROTHER. Not anywhere near the gym, he's helping with the soccer game by fetching stray balls. And my friend is texting me during the game and denying that it's his brother. When it clearly is. It was like WTF WHY WOULD YOU LIE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I was hoping he'd changed but I guess not, or maybe he's gotten worse. This is the stupidest thing to lie about compared to the stories of writing a book, having three self-written/sung song albums, meeting Miley Cyrus and other celebrities when he (actually) went to California to audition for something, and some kind of record deal thing WAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN.

Oh, and he thinks Love Never Dies is the greatest musical of all time now. (He's supposedly "seen" that, too.) DEALBREAKER LIKE WHOA. :|

Now I feel like a complete, somewhat naive idiot for ever having thought he was worth it. He used to be fine, we were bffs before he got it into his head that he was gonna be this awesome actor and started upstaging everyone during shows and then trying to do that WOW SHOCK OMG NOWAI factor in real life.

And there is my rant on that. /end
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Well, this is it. I'm two days from my 2-week class trip and I'm nervous as heck but SO FRAKKIN EXCITED WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN.

I've got a soccer game in a few hours, then going home to finish packing and triple-checking everything.

home -> airport -> DC airport -> Brussels -> Paris -> Rome -> Germany -> Austria -> home

I'm terrified of getting in an airplane again... my first flight was a 3-hour to Boston about four years ago and I don't do heights. Now I've got to survive seven hours straight in a plane. I'm really excited and happy that this is all happening, it's unbelievable. I'm so blessed to even be able to go thanks to so many people, and then doubly blessed with some spending money.

This is my first post in a while just 'cause I've been so incredibly busy. Quick update: my thesis is OVER AND DONE WITH. For now. I've got a 21 page rough draft completed and now to finalize and write the speech and give a defense in front of a panel of judges. But that's not for a little while longer. I've got some time to relax first. SO GLAD it's out of the way.

There's also the matter of whether or not I'm going to my school's gorgeously formal prom/meal (although it's nothing like prom and there's ballroom dancing), but that's a whole other story for another time when I'm not frantically typing this out before leaving for a soccer game which may be my first played game in ages. XDDD;;

See you all when I get back. There will be plenty of pictures (and maybe some video), that's for sure. :D
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Ow pain ow ow pain ow pain pain ow pain.

First day of soccer practice yesterday after school. I was initially looking forward to it, but now I understand why everyone wishes so hard it'll rain and practice will get cancelled.
First few days are always the worst, but I've got to do this. I'm not as in shape as I'd like, and I've never been able to do long distance running, but short bursts on the field are good.

This week of school is Arts&Languages week, so today at school it's either Fictional Character Day or wear chapel dress. So I'm going to be Misty, and three awesome guys are Professor Oak, Ash, and Brock. Complete with Pokemon. :)

Nine days until I'm 18 (what do you suggest I do, f-list?), 23 days until Europe... wow.

Okay, school time. Bbl. <3
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So hey again guys. It's been a while.
I promise I'm still trying to use this and be active, I haven't abandoned it.

So... I found out a few days ago that it's officially official, I'm going to Europe on my 2-week senior trip! :D Now it's a matter of saving up the spending money, and finishing getting stuff to pack. Four weeks to the day that I'm going, and I'm still in disbelief about the whole thing. And I need your help.

No srsly I do need your help )

To do list:

- finish preparing for Europe
- finish writing thesis outline
- planning for seeing Rent \o/
- bequeaths for all you gaiz.
- list of where I'm going in Europe because IDEK SOME OF THIS


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