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...considering I missed the first two classes, I picked up relatively fast on the movements (it's like choreographed stage fighting at this level, which I'm pretty good at) and I'm really enjoying it.

BTW, Karate is replacing Freshman English cause I PASSED THE EXAM! :DDD

And I'm still fighting what the doctor classified as an upper respiratory infection - like a bad head cold where your head feels like brinks, throat burns, and you use a box of tissues a day.. I've had this since.. a day or two after the hurricane... missed work Tuesday and wound up with a fever, got that managed today and went to classes (was at school 8am-7pm, easily my longest day) but felt really bleh, and I'm working tomorrow. 9am-7pm. Pray it does not go longer than that or I may die. Still have to have some homework done for Friday's history quiz and I don't feel up to it and I don't wanna rush. :/

For anyone wondering about hurricane Irene: I'd *just* finished watching Doctor Who when the power went out - and stayed out for about 4 1/2 days. Those were interesting times. But at least I could distract myself by WTF-ing over the latest episode!

The other thing distracting me lately is which looks like the beginnings of an epic ARG for The Hunger Games movie, due in 2012. AAAH HOLY CRAP THE SYMBOL.
Two days ago it was nothing but fuzzy, pixely distortion, then it was a little clearer yesterday, and now it's perfect. There was some Morse code bleeping in the background but it seems to have gone, and the 'Acquiring Signal' in bottom left is usually where the Twitter login is. I'll check it tomorrow and see what's up. ARGs are SUPER SUPER FUN when done right, and I participated in the Dollhouse ARG like.. forever years ago between seasons 1 and 2, via Twitter and game-centric sites and it was an absolute blast. 'Hacking' into Rossum, trying to help this agent out.. I still hear from my fellow CTPs every so often and I look forward to one where I can be even more involved.

Ew, must medicate and sleep. Thankfully my temperature's not creeping up again.

In exactly a week from right now, I'll be at the bus stop for NYC, and leaving in a week plus two hours. <33

Random: I painted my toenails this nice shiny purple b/c it seemed like the best course of action.


Aug. 19th, 2011 06:48 am
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Went to bed at midnight but woke up at 5AM... when my alarm's set for 7. :|

My bookbag is like fifty pounds of dead weight with all my textbooks so I'm doing the unthinkable and ditching my messenger bag companion for the drawstring college bag, and just dumping my pencil case and wallet and whatever else I need in there. Haven't even tried stuffing my computer in, but I figure I've only got an hour of free time and classes all around it, so I'll just bring along my sign language book to read errr.. no room for another book, maybe I'll just go to the library or something. Yeah. They have computers there. :)

PS: I was completely my best at work yesterday, being awesome and fixing stuff for customers and getting the computers and receipts system working when one of the other girls totally didn't know how to do it. \o/

8am - MTH 152
10am - HIS 101
11am - BIO 101
12am - ENG 111

I am going to hate myself later for forcing myself to take math first every day. @__@

Except I could potentially find out today if I don't need to take English. \o/ Which also means I don't have to pay for two more books and at this point I'm happier thinking about less weight on my back rather than not paying for them. Still not sure if I'll be able to carry my computer with me unless I drag along my messenger bag or ditch my two notebooks and copy info to them later on. :/
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my high school was like. a hallway and some trailers. I got lost. more than I care to admit. howwillisurvivecollege. D:

Taped a cheat sheet notecard to the inside of my planner to remind me when and where I have to be for all my morning classes, especially since they require me to get up super early since the first one starts at 8am. For a whole semester. I'm totally used to waking up at 8am. XD

The good thing is that I should know between Friday and like, mid-next week if I passed the CLEP exam for my English class, and if I do I won't have to take it and still get full credit. And refund which means more money for other college-y things. LIKE COFFEE. That totally counts as a college-required item >__> I have been living off cold coffee-like drinks for almost two weeks now whatdoyoumeanitdoesntworklikethat.

And.. yeah. Apart from maybe a fleeting post on how my first ever day of college went, I'm not sure I'll be online for a while...not.. like I have been lately, but shush.

My first *full* week including classes classes looks like this:
Sun: work 2-6
Mon: class 8-1 & 6-7
Tues: work 3-7
Wed: class 8-1 & 4-7
Thurs: work 9am-7pm
Fri: class 8-1
Sat: work 1-7

And... basically repeat that for next week. so fuck yes I'm going back to NY in 3 weeks I need a break too. I could seriously just copy that whole schedule and just change my Tuesday workday to 9-2 and it would be the same. Possibly for the week after that too. And I still have to study and do homework and stuff. That Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri is going to SUCK. HARD. Especially on my sleeping, there's no way I can deviate and stay up even a little bit later or have any resemblance of a life. So please don't tempt me, I will say yes and regret it later. @___@ (But I'm rocking at work with photography and sales even though our new system is made of suck and we've changed pricing sheets TWICE in as many weeks. hell yeah.)

brb cloning myself so one of me can work and one of me can go to school. then Ceri Alpha can go finish watching Luther and BSG and actually sleep normally again. ...why is it 1:30AM already?! D:
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It is also 1:50am now so I am surprised at how well i am being coherency stuff. Tho I wrote lots of this like maybe some hours ago and now it's been like 20 hours awake on like 5 hours sleep why am I still awake alive even
My second day of job training was excellent. (I have a badge now you guys. I'm LEGIT.)
My boss gave me instructions on how to use our huge studio camera and gave me like 10 minutes to play around with manual settings to get the feel of it, then set it to default (as far away as it goes as high up as it goes) and timed me on like four different shots, defaulting the camera each time. It's a monster to operate especially as I'm left-handed and so I can't use it like I normally would to take pictures. My time went down from like 36-42 seconds to about 14-20 by the third drill and she was ridiculously impressed with how great the pictures of her were cropped and shot.

cutting )

Also progressing nicely on my cross-stitching. I estimate about 13 hours have gone into what you see here, although right now it's about 15 hours total and I've got the top of the head filled in. Pleeenty more to goe before I'm any where near done.
(this isthe bit I am writing at almost 2am how did I stay up this late like 22 hrs now i am a zombie)
In other news, Tucker & Dale vs Evil is FINALLY FREAKING FINALLY getting a release date of something like september 26 or 27 or something around then. Totally excited just hope it's in a theatre near me. been waiting like over a year and a half for it or something and it's like the best or most anticipated movie never released XD

And... I am going to bed why haven't I already I feel like I'm gonna just fall asleep right he
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So I've gotten all craftsy lately. Decided to start work on a mesh bag that can hold my yarn or something or just look really cool, and then decided I REALLY want to finally start my cross-stitch learnings. So went and got a little DIY kit and it's coming along great (just need to add the outline and I'm done). I actually think I love it more than I ever thought I did.  It's really relaxing (except when you totally mess up a bit) and doesn't hurt my wrists or fingers and I can get through something small in a few hours. Which is good, cause I've had a ton of cross-stitch projects just sitting on my computer begging to be done and one of them is for a friend's new baby.

I also bought a pair of size US 50 knitting needles, because they were on sale and I've always wanted some. Even if they are bright cherry-red. (For the 95% of my f-list who don't know what that means, they look like these green ones and you can knit like 3-4 strands of yarn together at a time depending on thickness.)

And then I looked up other things because I'm insane like that, and based off of about 300 reviews I must have read, I've settled on this near the top of my wishlist: Except not this version and not with these really ugly pictures on it.  I'm not gonna make sweaters to start, but I'd love to do a blanket or poncho or something flat first. 
Someone tell me I've lost my marbles already. 

I start my new job on Tuesday at noon, which is super exciting. I really should write up my two-weeks notice letter and take it to my old boss tomorrow. *shiftyeyes* She's a bit sketch when it comes to stuff so hopefully this will go over smoothly.
I've also decided I'll do an easy cosplay of Faith from BtVS at the Serenity/Dr Horrible event next week, and a super-secret-awesome possible cosplay in the works for if I go to Dragon*Con which will probably take up a decent  portion of my free time this summer to make.

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New job starts in 3 days! Getting paid to do things I'd love to do for free - making kids smile from behind a camera - and shiny fancy camera and backdrops and stuff. :D

Can't Stop The Serenity event in 8 days.
Four hours of Dr. Horrible and Serenity on a big movie screen along with vendors and a fanmusic band and all sorts of fun!

Tony Awards airing in 9 days! Definitely looking forward to that - I always watch the big awards shows but the Tonys are probably one of my top two faves. NPH is hosting again which is excellent because last time he was FANTASTIC (good grief does he ever take a break?) and the Company group is doing something spectacular I hear. <3

Roadtrip to see NPH & co in Company on the big screen in 13 days! Mom not only was totally up for going (despite not really knowing what she's seeing) but it'll be a really fun drive up and back - even if I'm leaving straight from work and we're getting home around midnight or so and I have work the next afternoon. :P  AND IJUSTBOUGHTMYTICKETOMG.
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*mass flailing/squeeing ensues*

I can't even like type right now omg you guys my first IM immediately getting off the phone was like 
ceribri 1:07 pm

AND NOW I AM GONNA GO PARTY AND CALM DOWN (BUT NOT TOO MUCH) AND GO TO THE AWESOME COMICS STORE COOKOUT WITH HOTDOGS AND HAMBURGERS AND STUFF IN AN HOUR. SO EXCITED OMG. THE PAY IS PRETTY NICE AND I GET TO WORK WITH CAMERAS AND KIDS AND DUDE I WAS MADE FOR THIS JOB. I'll be working like 28-29 hours in my first two weeks (paid training yay!) and then I'm guaranteed like 15-20 hours or more every week as a part-timer. THIS IS GOOD. VERY VERY GOOD. Just have to go get a blouse and some shoes that fit their dress code. :DDDDDDD
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Mostly a list for me to refer back to (I like ticky boxes!) but also you guys can poke me and prod me and make sure I'm not on here until I've accomplished my goals for the day. So yeah.

Major priority: have at least 15-20 puppets done by the morning of Saturday, April 9 (the due date). 'Cause the more I make, the more I have to sell!
Ideally I'd like to see 25, meaning I'd need to complete five per day (aka something like ~ 8-10 hours of work per day - which I really don't see happening). x_X I have three completely done now, two bodies done minus parts, and one body ready to be assembled. So basically by tomorrow I'll have six done. YES I AM A BODY FACTORY WHY DO YOU ASK.

I think I could easily do three a day, though, if I'm working on them all throughout the day and not just in one clump that would make me want to scream.

April 5 - take mom and grandpa on errands (yay driving, I actually enjoy it), go see friend and streak my hair pink with her (yes you heard me right, pink) and be awesome in general, finish the 3 puppets, make at least 3 more puppets (and listen to Lucie audios!)

April 6 - make sure I do my pimpage for [ profile] whedonland, start on [ profile] brb_gallifrey anniversary shenanigans, continue w/puppets and audios. Also go get bus tickets reserved. (They're super chill about everything, whee ghetto bus, I think the bus was like maybe 3/4 filled last time? Plus we had people just sort of showing up and paying and getting on that night.)

April 7 - continue on brb_g sekkrit stuffs, puppets, editing and finishing list of things to pack for NYC (and other roadtrip I should hopefully be going on a day after I get back)

April 8 - PUPPETS LIKE WHOA HI THERE. Get as many as completed as possible and at least make a bunch of bodies to work on at the festival (adding parts doesn't take as long)

April 9 - Alpaca festival! Working there, hopefully selling some knitted things (sadly, not taking my jewelry with me) and the puppets should do really well, and then crashing when I get home. And then starting on packing.

April 10 - PAAAACK. After all, I'm leaving that night/Monday at 12:30am for NYC! :D

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Not that it's horrible, more that it's a terror to make because it takes so much time, the way I did it.
Today alone, I worked on it for about three hours during the afternoon and then from 9pm to... now. So today alone I spent almost 10 hours (granted, sewing it shut took ages) and I was 98% done before today. I must have worked on this at least 25-30 hours. But SO WORTH IT.

I also got the scarf done before I see my boyfriend tomorrow after babysitting. Mission accomplished!

Okay, so. Fibonacci scarf. It's a math thing, the pattern.

What it looked like when I just got it off the needles.

Final product.

The pattern also does cool things when you turn the scarf like this:

PS if i need to LJ cut this for pics just someone tell me because i'm like so tired i'm dead right now and am going to bed soon so i can get up in like three hours. kthx.

In other news: I'm basically going to be internet dead for the rest of the week, so I think I can check my f-list once before I sleep at night, or maybe twice depending on the day but that's about it for me. Not too much activity. I'm babysitting 60 hours in 8 days this week. Already did 8 hours yesterday. Then it goes something like 8, 8, 10, 8, 10, 8. for the next seven days. no tv, no internet, but I do have a 1 year old to care for and a DVD player and lots of dvds that I think I've seen so many times I could quote them all. gonna bring new ones this week. am i going to die? maybe.
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 Sorry for an extra post but I didn't want the NG update to get overshadowed by this extra stuff in one post, 'cause I feel it's an accomplishment that should stand alone. Also I'm lazy and don't want to edit.

My home life is doing alright so far. I got my mom to turn my phone back on so I'm not helpless when I go out with friends or the gym or whatever. I did get the all-clear by my friends' parents to move in with them if I need to, short-term, but right now I'm okay.

Plus I'm going to be babysitting again. Not the full, five-days-a-week-six-hours-each deal. That would just be too much. I'm going to do half a week, and the asst. manager (person I babysit for) at least feels bad that I'm not working at the store at all for some really bizarre reason. There's six people on the schedule for the next two weeks (three of those are managers/keyholders) and I'm not one of them. So that'll be a whole five weeks of no work. I like my job, but I don't know what's going on and if I have to find another job I can. I've app'd for one and a friend told me about a bank that is hiring PT tellers like whoa (minimum wage but 20 hrs a week is so much better than the 8-10 I did get when I worked for two days/week). I can't get in touch with my manager, but the asst. manager doesn't think I was let go or anything. And she thinks I'm quite a good worker, too.

Got to see [ profile] bishojo_kitsune and [ profile] narrativeliving and my oldest best friend at a Whedonverse get-together in my community where we watched OMWF from Buffy as well as Dr. Horrible. There were these two little girls, they had to have been like six years old, sitting the row in front of me and they were ADORABLE, singing along to Dr. Horrible. I agree with [ profile] narrativeliving that they should have their own YT channel. Awwww!

In two weeks, I'll be celebrating my six-month anniversary with my boyfriend. SIX MONTHS WHAT IS THIS. *flails*
It's so weird to think about. He has surprise ideas, but wants to know what I'd like to do... but I have no clue. All I know is, we don't have a great deal of income even combined, right now, so nothing like crazy expensive, but I live for and love the simple and fun things in life. I've never needed a ton of money (unless it's to see a Broadway show, LAWL) or something really extravagant to make me happy.
I would suggest some kind of picnic because we've done those before and enjoyed them, but it's really really COLD outside.
And I'd love to surprise him with something but I have no idea what.

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My sisters' school was closed, so I have no idea as to the state of my room when I get home.
I still have to go babysit in like ten minutes, then go to work at a mall where we probably won't get a lot of people.


However, if you're a fan of Doctor Who, specifically the Sontarans, read THIS. It's freaking hilarious!

And as I'm writing, the font choice for this FMA advertisement AND COLOR SCHEME are the same for that of Les Miserables. WHAT THE. Proof.

Okay, time to go endure the freezing cold and babysitting and work. I won't see my house (ie: bed) for another 13 hours.


EDIT: We got a crapload of snow, so much so that the mall closed long before my shift started, so I got home a good three hours or so early from babysitting.
Positives: I can relax, and I had a fun family snowball fight.
Negatives: I totally missed out on earning $30 today by not working.
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As part of my attempt to stay active and my newfound urge to write, here you go. It's probably really dumb, but I was jotting it down while nobody was in the store today.
Word count: 416

Harry Potter + my bored brain + free time at work = ??? )

Was it terrible? Good? Made you giggle? Please let me know. xD
I adore constructive criticism, and of course, general comments.
Also, I have no idea where to post it to get a larger reader base than my f-list. Suggestions are loved.

Now to go sleep off my terrible headache that's been raging the better part of four hours. <3
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I watched the final Sherlock episode (for now).
It was SO. EFFING. GOOD. Episode one had me hooked from the start and I thought it would stay at the top of my favorite episode list forever... the second one was great, but episode one topped it.. and then episode three came and blew the first one away by a mile. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. I MUST HAVE MORE. NOW. SOON. PLZKTHX.
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