Apr. 24th, 2011

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This is way too late in coming, and I may not be great at making fanfic or art or whatever but I really wanted to remember her in my own little way.

Sarah Jane Smith was my first proper Classic Who companion. I met her as I watched her reacting (as I did) to the newly regenerated Fourth Doctor in a rerun of Robot on PBS. Of course, at the time I had no initial idea she'd been with the Third Doctor as well. Her reactions to this new Doctor were much the same as my own to Ten changing (I'd seen some of Nine at this point); he was this new, strange being, but still very much the same person (I could see where the manic energy came from, while Sarah Jane of course knew of Three's personality.)

I loved her character in School Reunion even though I didn't know a lot about her. Thanks to PBS, I saw her in at least the first four or five serials with Four, and she was pretty awesome. I had started my 'studies', if you will, of Classic Who once I got into the show properly, and read up on everyone and everything I could find. I was able to understand Ten's emotions so much better the second time around.

Sarah Jane Smith is so much more of a character than Rose or Martha or even Donna will ever be. Even knowing initially very little about her other than being a "former companion", she had so much of a richer character and made Rose seem flat and boring in comparison. It says something that she can more than just hold her own in a spin-off centered around her, while I probably wouldn't even bother with a show formed around nearly any other companion. Elisabeth Sladen wasn't just acting out Sarah Jane; she was Sarah Jane.

I'm still very upset although now that it's been a few days I'm able to step back and remember all the wonderful moments Lis Sladen gave us as Sarah Jane, rather than what we won't have anymore.

Rest in peace, Elisabeth Sladen. I hope Sarah Jane and the Brigadier and Harry are having some wonderful adventures together again.


Like I said before, I fail at artwork or fanfic, but these are some of the things I've come across that were absolutely gorgeous and stood out to me the most, and I want to share. There's already so many posts about this that a lot of these things are easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Saying Goodbye
A Tear, Sarah Jane

Beautiful picture. May make it my background for a while, even.
Oh, K-9. ;__;


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