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My little sister is trying out for the school musical, and although she knows she won't get to be Belle (she's in 6th grade and it's the high school musical, but they need chorus people and the dancing animated objects and stuff) she's determined to find a song to blow the teacher away during auditions.

Her: I need a great song!
Me: You're.. what, you're an alto?
Her: I don't know
Me: .....okaay, well... try this, can you sing this?
Her: No..
Me: Well, you're an alto then, or at least the 11 year old version.
Her: Are you?
Me: No, I'm a soprano. Means I can sing a lot higher than you. Also means all my favorite pieces won't work for you.
Her: What about this one?
Me: Errr.. I'd go with a song where the singing style isn't so distinct, plus you hear that song every time you turn on the radio. *searches for some alto songs*
*after ten minutes in iTunes*

Me: You're an alto, mom's an alto, Jen (our other sister) is an alto... You're like a whole different musical species!

And then I find some of Sherie Rene Scott's songs from Last 5 Years, thank heavens, but I don't think she likes how slow they are. Or anything from Chess or 'I Dreamed A Dream' which is totally an alto song... oh well. I remember all my auditions, and the song has to be approved as school-appropriate (as well as the musical it's from - with the exception of Les Mis, we love that one so much we overlook the sketchy songs like Lovely Ladies) so that really rules out a lot of potential songs. xD
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Because I finally have a moment to breathe, although I've been feeling sore and crappy the last three days and now I feel like I can't sit up without losing my dinner. I also use "obsess" loosely, as in many cases it's just simply some kind of intense focus, whether temporary or not.

Also because I'm distracting myself over the fact that I still have not had time to watch the last Doctor Who (or any other show placing second or below on my TV priorities list).

Sidenote: I passed my karate midterm today! Had to perform the first two katas I learned over the course of a month, and I did it despite being so nervous I was shaking afterwards.

List time!

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Funny story, my awesome college friend who loves musicals and singing/acting and is finally learning about all the great shows out there, we were talking today and I swear this is the conversation verbatim:

Him: hey, that woman on Glee with the dark hair, she looks like she'd make an amazing Elphaba.
Me: Lea Michele - I mean, Rachel Berry? Ohpleasepleaseno.
Him: No, the one that plays her mom.
Me: ...Idina Menzel?
Him: Yeah, her!
Me: ...she was the original Elphaba, so...yeah.
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It crashed. Totally and utterly crashed. Days after I put everything on it. Thankfully, due to a friend and Facebook and TinyPic and my Photobucket account from back like 2005, about... 98% of my photos will be successfully retrieved. The 2% remaining consists of pictures I downloaded from other places online anyway, or personal pictures that I hadn't got around to uploading. I am in the process of downloading 8,000 right now from Facebook alone. Not even kidding.

My documents - apart from chat logs which I'm hoping to eventually get back / if anyone who chats with me saves their chats too, that'd be awesome, and some school documents - the most important of which have probably been emailed at least half a dozen times - are gone as well, but they don't hurt me as badly, I think.

Right now, the most devastating loss is my video collection. I have all my audios, but my bootlegs are gone - I mean, I'm sure I can eventually restore my collection, since maybe 1/4th of it has been uploaded online, I've burned DVDs of some, and I'll be contacting people I've traded to in the past as well, but that's a LOT of video. I just updated my new trading site too, so I know exactly what I need to get back. It would be easier to mark what I actually DO still have. @_@

I also had all of Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Doctor Who/Torchwood, which may take an extremely long time to get back, but is by far one of the easier things to do. Some of the really old things may be harder to find, such as the original Taking Over The Asylum, for example (not the DVD release where they switched out all the original songs for new ones since they didn't bother to get copyrights back in the 80s for it).

All my own videos are mostly gone, sadly, but my drama class films are on various DVDs so I can always re-burn them or try and rip them off. And who knows what else is gone, but what can you do. Definitely not buying that brand of hard drive again, as it's become a 2 TB paperweight. A really expensive paperweight.

So. Probably cross-posting to all the musical trading communities that I'm on indefinite hiatus until I can rebuild my collection of videos. This sucks.
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New job starts in 3 days! Getting paid to do things I'd love to do for free - making kids smile from behind a camera - and shiny fancy camera and backdrops and stuff. :D

Can't Stop The Serenity event in 8 days.
Four hours of Dr. Horrible and Serenity on a big movie screen along with vendors and a fanmusic band and all sorts of fun!

Tony Awards airing in 9 days! Definitely looking forward to that - I always watch the big awards shows but the Tonys are probably one of my top two faves. NPH is hosting again which is excellent because last time he was FANTASTIC (good grief does he ever take a break?) and the Company group is doing something spectacular I hear. <3

Roadtrip to see NPH & co in Company on the big screen in 13 days! Mom not only was totally up for going (despite not really knowing what she's seeing) but it'll be a really fun drive up and back - even if I'm leaving straight from work and we're getting home around midnight or so and I have work the next afternoon. :P  AND IJUSTBOUGHTMYTICKETOMG.
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 Sorry for an extra post but I didn't want the NG update to get overshadowed by this extra stuff in one post, 'cause I feel it's an accomplishment that should stand alone. Also I'm lazy and don't want to edit.

My home life is doing alright so far. I got my mom to turn my phone back on so I'm not helpless when I go out with friends or the gym or whatever. I did get the all-clear by my friends' parents to move in with them if I need to, short-term, but right now I'm okay.

Plus I'm going to be babysitting again. Not the full, five-days-a-week-six-hours-each deal. That would just be too much. I'm going to do half a week, and the asst. manager (person I babysit for) at least feels bad that I'm not working at the store at all for some really bizarre reason. There's six people on the schedule for the next two weeks (three of those are managers/keyholders) and I'm not one of them. So that'll be a whole five weeks of no work. I like my job, but I don't know what's going on and if I have to find another job I can. I've app'd for one and a friend told me about a bank that is hiring PT tellers like whoa (minimum wage but 20 hrs a week is so much better than the 8-10 I did get when I worked for two days/week). I can't get in touch with my manager, but the asst. manager doesn't think I was let go or anything. And she thinks I'm quite a good worker, too.

Got to see [ profile] bishojo_kitsune and [ profile] narrativeliving and my oldest best friend at a Whedonverse get-together in my community where we watched OMWF from Buffy as well as Dr. Horrible. There were these two little girls, they had to have been like six years old, sitting the row in front of me and they were ADORABLE, singing along to Dr. Horrible. I agree with [ profile] narrativeliving that they should have their own YT channel. Awwww!

In two weeks, I'll be celebrating my six-month anniversary with my boyfriend. SIX MONTHS WHAT IS THIS. *flails*
It's so weird to think about. He has surprise ideas, but wants to know what I'd like to do... but I have no clue. All I know is, we don't have a great deal of income even combined, right now, so nothing like crazy expensive, but I live for and love the simple and fun things in life. I've never needed a ton of money (unless it's to see a Broadway show, LAWL) or something really extravagant to make me happy.
I would suggest some kind of picnic because we've done those before and enjoyed them, but it's really really COLD outside.
And I'd love to surprise him with something but I have no idea what.

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...even if it did drop to like -9 or whatever that night, with the wind.

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Honk! is actually over.
But it can't be. It just can't.

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Am I alone with this or what?
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Yesterday: I got 6 hours of sleep, stayed up for 18+ hours - got home at 12:45 AM and went to bed at 1 AM. Today: got less than 5 hours sleep and stayed up for nearly 20. Dress rehearsals are just made of fun tiems. \o/

The rehearsal last night was good, but rough. Some tough moments (like blanking out on two lines of my solo and destroying the harmony in a duet) but was told I covered well for the former moment, (...HOW?!?)

Also, by 'good', I mean I've never had a dress rehearsal where we weren't constantly stopping for things (and this is the first show I've been part of where we actually went through the full dress/tech TWICE before the two official performances. Two days of it is WAY nice, since sometimes we've never even been able to finish a whole show during practice).

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So why am I really stupidly staying up way later that I need to in the first place to write all this? It's cause I'm gonna forget to do it later and I'm so tired that I'm going to forget this whole thing entirely later on.
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I'm doing this in celebration of my brand new, very shiny trading website,

I'm leaving for basic training hopefully in a few months, so might as well share now.

Cross-posted to the right comms, sorry for the spammage. Hopefully it's worth it.

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