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I didn't make it to my ridiculous goal of 500 new episodes of television in 2011, but I darn near got close with an official count of 410. (It would probably be more like 425 due to numerous Colbert Report episodes I never counted but hey.)

This list includes: click to see my most-watched shows of 2011 + stats )

Anything else I should be doing stats for?
Total hours of television watched, I'm kinda intimidated by the idea of summing that up..
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Cross-posting to [ profile] crafty_tardis.

First off, I have a feeling this was long-awaited, so huge apologies. In the midst of RL getting rather complicated lately, my computer has gone through two personal crises (crisises?) and managed to dump all of my data down the digital toilet. Thank God for the likes of TinyPic and Photobucket.

Disclaimer reminder: I ask that my created letters, like the originals, not be used for any sort of profit. I'm not making any money off of them either. It's a labor of geeky, awesome, fandom love. <3

Without further ado:

Pics behind the cut ) appears that among other things, my computer ate the graph version of K, although it shouldn't be too tricky to make it with this picture - but I can remake the graph - as well as my L, where the only remaining copies besides the actual (as-of-yet incomplete) stitched piece are some print-outs. Thankfully, I can remake that one without too much difficulty.

I love how with some of these pictures, I clearly have the colors in mind, and then when it gets to actually making it, I'm like SCREW IT and I use a different color after all.

So this wasn't as spectacular an update as I had hoped, but I'm getting there. I've made charts for S, T, U, and W as well, in case anyone was wondering. I'm just waiting to post them in order. Suggestions are loved! I've got most of them figured out, it's just a matter of making a chart.
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So I've managed to procure some internets on my dad's computer, slow and virusy as they may be. And as I'm behind on my personal schedule to start posting pics of my secret project, I'll attempt to do a grouping now.

The only people I know of who knew of this project were [ profile] harbek, [ profile] chibichimera, [ profile] platoapproved, and probably another person or two whose username I can't think off off the top of my head, and even fewer who have seen said project, and none who have seen 100% of it. SO.

Cut for dramatic effect... )


May. 23rd, 2011 04:08 pm
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To make up for my boring lack of journal entries:

Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] sourpony.
"You're now a time lord. The 41st gif in your folder is your companion. The 17th gif is your arch enemy. Post your results in a comment/your lj/your tumblr/wherever!"



Arch Enemy:

Errrrrrr. >__>;
I think Fivey and I got this covered, man. >:D
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This is way too late in coming, and I may not be great at making fanfic or art or whatever but I really wanted to remember her in my own little way.

Sarah Jane Smith was my first proper Classic Who companion. I met her as I watched her reacting (as I did) to the newly regenerated Fourth Doctor in a rerun of Robot on PBS. Of course, at the time I had no initial idea she'd been with the Third Doctor as well. Her reactions to this new Doctor were much the same as my own to Ten changing (I'd seen some of Nine at this point); he was this new, strange being, but still very much the same person (I could see where the manic energy came from, while Sarah Jane of course knew of Three's personality.)

I loved her character in School Reunion even though I didn't know a lot about her. Thanks to PBS, I saw her in at least the first four or five serials with Four, and she was pretty awesome. I had started my 'studies', if you will, of Classic Who once I got into the show properly, and read up on everyone and everything I could find. I was able to understand Ten's emotions so much better the second time around.

Sarah Jane Smith is so much more of a character than Rose or Martha or even Donna will ever be. Even knowing initially very little about her other than being a "former companion", she had so much of a richer character and made Rose seem flat and boring in comparison. It says something that she can more than just hold her own in a spin-off centered around her, while I probably wouldn't even bother with a show formed around nearly any other companion. Elisabeth Sladen wasn't just acting out Sarah Jane; she was Sarah Jane.

I'm still very upset although now that it's been a few days I'm able to step back and remember all the wonderful moments Lis Sladen gave us as Sarah Jane, rather than what we won't have anymore.

Rest in peace, Elisabeth Sladen. I hope Sarah Jane and the Brigadier and Harry are having some wonderful adventures together again.


Like I said before, I fail at artwork or fanfic, but these are some of the things I've come across that were absolutely gorgeous and stood out to me the most, and I want to share. There's already so many posts about this that a lot of these things are easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Saying Goodbye
A Tear, Sarah Jane

Beautiful picture. May make it my background for a while, even.
Oh, K-9. ;__;
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Spoilers, sweeties. You have been warned. )

Too many things to remember all at once on the first go. And I wasn't taking notes like the Doctor was.
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[ profile] harbek and I say hi to you from New York! *is totally speaking for her* WITH A SPECIAL PIC. :D

okay, so the line by the time we got there was already around like two blocks and we knew we wouldn't make it into the theatre with the cast and the Q&A and everything, so we decided not to sit in line and hope for the best after all. But we were walking back to the front and taking pictures of cosplays and figurines and such, and then a big car comes up with tons of doughnuts in the trunk, and then OH HEY MAIN CAST BRINGING THEM TO US. So after the initial mob swarm, we got in and got this pic, and I touched Karen Gillan's shoulder. I think Arthur Darvill disappeared somewhere around the girl with the Roman centurion helmet and sign saying "I'd wait 2000 years for Arthur Darvill".

BUT OMG WORTH IT. And I'll get to see it in two weeks anyways!
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OKAY SO LAWL. I ordered my bus tickets online and they were $20 each. And then the site was like OHEY, ROUNDTRIP? $10 OFF! So I just got a roundtrip to NYC for $30. DUDE. WHAT IS THIS. :DDDD

In about 2 1/2 hours I'm leaving for the bus stop, and then the bus leaves right around midnight tonight. Spending the two hours waiting by knitting and listening to the last two Eighth Doctor season two Lucie audios. Planning on sleeping the 6-7 hours on the bus so I'll be well-rested. The last thing I need is another 20 hour day running off four hours of sleep and then texting things like "I was sitting down a lot except for when I wasn't" (trufax). Espeeciially considering Monday night is the NYC Doctor Who s6 premiere! I WILL BE IN THE *SAME PLACE* WITH STEPHEN MOFFAT AND MATT SMITH AND KAREN GILLAN AND ALEX KINGSTON AND ARTHUR DARVILL. AAAAAAH!

Also, yanno, my original intent of seeing Born Yesterday with RSL. And being with awesome people youknowhoyouaaare. <333333

Staying in New York until Thursday, getting home that night, and then after Friday I won't be home again until like the 19th-20th. Yeaaaaaaah. :D

*finishes packing*
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so we're listening to Zagreus BECAUSE IT'S THAT AWESOME and she starts talking to a friend on her gmail chat.

me: any chance you could talk to her tomorrow, cause I reaaaally wanna finish this part with you tonight.

her: I can't talk to her tomorrow, she'll be in another state.

me: could you talk to her friday?

her: *pshhh* no, everyone knows on friday you don't wanna be on gmail chat. on friday you listen to rebecca black and have a party!

me: *TWITCH*

To those of you who don't know what she's talking about (or simply haven't seen the video), consider yourself blessed beyond belief
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First off, my Farmer's Market table was a rather good success this morning! I stood at my area for five hours and sold two things (and fixing a bracelet that's good-as-sold), but hey, $20 is $20. I was the only table there with knits and jewelry; everyone else was food or garden-related. I had many many complements, one of my favorites being that I'm a "young knitter", and several great ideas relayed to me in order to adapt what they thought was already something great into something even better.


Even if you fun f-listers do nothing but comment as to what stuff you like/dislike, that would make me happy. Things not listed yet: Firefly-inspired mp3/phone/anything carrier, same item but in camouflage, (I had another different one but I soooold it~) epic earrings I made of a gorgeous necklace that broke (and some scarf stuff that you can see in that second linked pic like the 8ft "electric snake" scarf that I adore).

And it seems like most of my April is totally packed with crazy and fun things!

April 3-8: making alpaca-related things; visiting recruiter; making TJ watch either more Doctor Who or Chess in Concert; probably streaking some temporary pink in my hair; prepping for NYC (and technically the other trip as well); getting my babysitting money I've waited for for like a month to help with both.
April 9: Alpaca Fiesta Festival! Sell awesome knitted things. Finish packing.
April 10-11: Head up to NYC on bus - see Born Yesterday at the very least, I HAVE to go eat at the Life Cafe this time, and especially chill/geek out with/glomp [ profile] harbek and meet other awesome people I am told. :DDDD
April 14ish: Go home and wash like everything I just brought home.
April 15: Go see friend's play, spend night at boyfriend's house.
April 16-19: Get up EARLY, 6+ hr roadtrip to bf's future college and current place of my best friend <33; more roadtripping to Tennessee, then home again.
April 20-21: Get home, sleep for a month. /end

TJ suggested to me that we bring Les Mis and "you can finally introduce me to Chess!" on our roadtrip, lawl.

Things I *will* be bringing:
- Doctor Who audios (specifically with Lucie, and hunt down the ones with the Word Lord)
- Looots of music. Probably burning CDs for the second trip to save iPod battery.
- Knitting to do (if I'm not sick of it by then, hah): RENT scarf, ipod cases, whatever.
- Camera! Journal! Ways to be creative and express my thoughts!
- Probably my external harddrive for the second trip at least, for chilling out and catching the bf up on Doctor Who (or trying to) during some downtime. Plan is to go through the specials (minus Planet of the Dead, boring) and charge through the epic of season five.
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...and it hasn't even started. @___@ WHAT. UP.


Cut because I'm being nice to my flist late at night )

In the fandom world, Lucie Miller ([ profile] ohgodcrocodiles) has settled in nicely at [ profile] brb_gallifrey and even met some new friends (and a sort-of adversary) and I'm super super excited. It's fun and addicting and totally keeps me up late at night.

Speaking of which. It's almost 1am and I have to get up at 7. Nnnnngh. @_____@

TL;DR: Don't expect to see me around the internet until like Monday. Except then I'll probably be sleeping or knitting to make up for the lost time on both. xD;

OH YEAH I FORGOT TO MENTION. MADAMA BUTTERFLY WAS EPIC. My first opera, and it's the one that's playing when the Doctor flatlines on the operating table in the TVM. I'm such a dork. And 'cause I promised some people, here's a pic.
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If you're on my f-list and you're not a Doctor Who/Fifth Doctor/Peter Davison fan, feel free to jump over this, but it's full of links and fun things. :D

So since a certain unnamed friend was spamming me clips and gifs and pics like all day, here's what I've dug up since while fighting off my cold - it's gotten better! I think it must be all of these links (and maybe a bit of the meds). I've also now seen every pic/gif/vid/article linked on the tumblr fuckyeahpeterdavison. \o/


Now I don't know what I'll do tomorrow if I still feel bad, cause browsing that tumblr was quite cheering but it's finished now. I attempted some knitting today, but had to put it down after a while. Started on a really open lacy thin scarf, sorta light pink/yellow/white, and working on a nice headband in a light blue/green color, which is coming along nicely.

And here's that leaf I made yesterday. Going to probably turn this into some kind of pin at some point, along with Five's celery, but now that I know how to make it properly, I'm going to attempt teeny ones in a lighter green and see how well they hold up for earrings when I put wiring in them.

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This whole week there's been a Whedonland mafia game that just ended today. It was rather epic and I was happy to be an assassin. Fun screenshots from the last two nights of chat will show up on this post later.

Also. [ profile] harbek and [ profile] kasiopeia. I read The Hunger Games. The first one. OMFG. Dystopian futures are one of the things I love - reaaaally love - when done well, and holy crap, that's done so well. One of the best books I've ever read in a really really long time. To the point where I was so absorbed I could visualize it really well in my mind, and couldn't hear people calling for me about five feet away. (The last time that happened, I think, I was reading the last two Harry Potter books, and even then I was drifting in-and-out of Deathly Hallows even though I read it for a straight 5 1/2 hours.) I nearly cried at least once (was at someone's house so it would be odd to randomly cry, or I would've), and got incredibly upset a few other times. Then I found out there's gonna be a movie released March 2012. They're filming in Georgia from May-September 2011 and casting for extras as well as leads. I'm SO submitting my acting resume (what little there is of it) when I get the chance to talk to my parents so they're aware of it. The least I can do is try, and if National Guard interferes, so be it, but even as an extra in one scene I'd kill for the chance. Plus it's something cool on my resume if I do get it!

I waited at least a week to get this book from the library, as I had to get in the queue for it when it was available, and then I couldn't stop reading it the whole day I had it. Checked not only my library, but the libraries in the three closest cities to me. (even if it means I have to apply for their limited (free) library card.) They have at least 25 copies between all of them of book two. Guess how many were available? NONE. ASDFGHJKL. And I'm like third in the queue for my area. Book three, of course, there's several free. Go figure. I've been freaking out periodically for the last three days straight because it ends SO well but just teases you with a cliffhanger. I know when I have the money, I'm buying all three.

We bring you back to our scheduled LJ post (my little weekend of pure awesome):
Alpacas, silly sci-fi, and knitting pics await! )
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 Was gonna update last night before all hell broke loose - the start of a migraine that lasted from 11pm to 6pm the next day. I slept from 5-11am and it was still there.

So anyways. I've been busy the last two weeks, both on and off-line.

- introduced my oldest friend to the Fifth Doctor (and Adric) via sleepover involving marathons of Castrovalva and Four to Doomsday. She loved them and we snarked our way through. Also introduced her to Eight with the TV Movie (she loves him now too) and a gift of a CD of most of S1 EDAs. In-between that we marathoned the last eight Dollhouse episodes of S1 that she hadn't seen yet. So that's a grand total of 13 hours of awesome. We were up until 5-6am before we crashed and finished the last three hours after dinner.

- finished babysitting for my coworker as she's moved to SC. Said goodbye to her and her little boy, and I'll miss them both. She said she considered me family, which means a lot. I watched him learn how to walk over the course of a few months, and he mimics me saying "all gone" when I finish giving him meals and ushering him out of the kitchen - I  mean, that'll stay with me forever. <3
- decided to finally jump into a Mafia game at [ profile] whedonland which I'm incredibly excited about. It starts tomorrow. I'm Wash, and the cast list has both [ profile] lias9  and [ profile] sourpony , so that's exciting. :D
- finally watched Caves of Androzani all the way through with [ profile] harbek and [ profile] spoofmaster late at night and had a great time. Despite it being Fivey's last serial and all. He really is badass, even when in pain/dying. I then made this to commemorate it.

- got through the Big Finish Doctor Who EDA 2x06 (I think), Grand Theft Cosmos and I'm really loving Lucie being Eight's companion. A LOT. So with quite a bit of encouragement, I app'd her for RP at [ profile] brb_gallifrey as [ profile] ohgodcrocodiles . It's a bit nervewracking and exciting all in one, especially since she's my first Doctor Who character (and non-Whedon character) to play - and my first relaxed-yet-structured RP comm, if it works out.
(I'm usually Wash - [ profile] shinydinosaurs and I've also played Giles - [ profile] ripperthegreat in mafias and silly cracky things.)

- THIS over at SWS with Wash. It's so adorable!
- And THIS at SWS with Giles. LOOOOVE.
I have been updating my two TV-related posts as needed. I'm doing really well on the 500 episodes a year so far (It's only mid-March and I'm on #109 now) as well as the what I watch post. I've already started/finished all of IT Crowd this year alone (although I hear rumors of a series 5) as well as The Cape (except the unaired episode), and Secret Diary of a Call Girl will be ending in a week.
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Made by my wonderful friend Julie as a request from me. It's so gorgeous and I hope you guys pimp it out too and give it the love it deserves. <3333
Song: Learn to be Lonely from the Phantom of the Opera movie soundtrack.
Spoilers up to Season 4 finale, includes clips from the last bit of the season 5 finale.

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If it were the Doctor's TARDIS, I'd gladly run out with a cake.

Anything else....probably not so sure.
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 Man, my life is busy as heck lately.

So here's a quick update before I get my 5-6 hours of sleep. (EDIT: Quick? Lawl, took me the better part of half an hour to write all this. So I'm categorizing, cutting, and chronological-izing to save you all the trouble of trying to decipher my jumbled thoughts.

The Past: )
The Present: )
The Future: )
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Because I've got so much going on in my wonderful RL that I've gotten so behind in my fandom life. And I really want to be able to balance them both well.

Fringe episode - 6995 kHz (I'm two episodes behind)
About 32 minutes in (with commercials), I could have sworn that Astrid was in the middle of saying to Walter "Maybe you reversed the pol-" as in, polarity? As in, neutron flow? :D
See, this is my fangirl brain going haywire. PS I think I'm starting to ship Walter/lady in charge of Massive Dynamic. In a strange sort of way. Like Astrid/Walter. The friendship is awesome there. Also: massive hating of Peter/Alt-livia ship. I didn't use to be like this but they forced me to hate it.

Fringe episode - The Abducted
The guy is all like "It's the Candyman. He's back."
My immediate thought: (The Kandyman) Is this a bad thing?
PS: should I be scared that when I searched for 'kandyman' on Google that it said "Related searches: 'bloody mary'."

Doctor Who - the Christmas special is gonna be aired in the US on Christmas with the UK airing for the first time in forever. I'MSOHAPPY. <333 Plus THIS PICTURE. Fighting withdrawals now. I wanna make icons with this even though I'm only just decent at the art.

Buffy reboot without Joss - I'm not liking this one bit. Only way I'd like it remotely right now is if SMG was Buffy again, even if Joss wasn't involved. Plus it's a reboot so there's no Giles/Willow/Xander. NOTHX.

House - I'm just irritated by the previews for this current week's episode. I don't even care that my DVR screwed up and only recorded the second half. I'll get to that episode eventually before the next one airs but I don't like the thought of another people-with-religion/faith/Jesus-are-idiots/wrong episode, because I KNOW I'm not an idiot, which is the massive vibe I'm getting from just the previews.
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...that I apparently WROTE in June 2007. Lololololol. It's completely cracky but I thought it was awesome at the time. Time to take a break from organizing and transcribe it. Here goes nothing. PS: My brain was weird with fic back then (still is - I don't even write fic) so I'm transcribing it as to how I read it now, not gonna bother writing what's on the two small pages, it's nearly unintelligible nonsense. :P

Title: A Change of Pace
Author: [ profile] shinydinosaur
Fandom: Heroes/Doctor Who
Characters: Peter, Claude, Claire, HRG, the Haitian, the Doctor
Word Count: 1078
Disclaimer: Heroes characters go to the NBC people, and the Doctor and the TARDIS belongs to the BBC.
Rating: G
Canon setting: Heroes season 1 episode 'Unexpected', and pre-'Rose' (2005).

A Change of Pace (Heroes/Doctor Who) )

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?


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